Sacha Baron Cohen and the power of "I know right?"

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Agreeing to someone's beliefs often results in them sharing more of it. Simply saying "I know right" to someone's opinions, however wrong it may be, could impel them to share more of it. Using this simple trick and a lot of make-up, the British Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has embarrassed a whole lot of conservatives in the USA. His new show Who is America is creating ripples all across the country for showing the true and often scary beliefs of some powerful people in the political landscape.

Basically, Sacha Cohen invites these politicians for an interview where he creates an atmosphere of conservatism and ignites their inner self to come all guns blazing. The result is a beautiful mix of comedy and journalism that uncovers the truth that is very rarely seen in the politically controlled mass media.

"In less than a month a first grader can become a first granader" is one of the gems to have come out of these interviews. There are many more to tickle your funny bone. Some could even make you question the system that helps these people attain such high positions in the government. Interested in politics or not, this will definitely make you laugh and that is when it'll hit you, these kinds of people form a significant part of your country's government too and not just the USA. Nonetheless, it would be amazing to watch this glorious saga unfold in the coming weeks when other episodes are made public.

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