Politicians Can't Help You...But They Can Surely Hurt You. Choose Liberty

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Ron Paul while campaigning in 2012:

“I don't want to run your life, I don't know how to run your life, I don't have the authority to run your life, and the Constitution doesn't permit me to run your life.”

This message ran contrary to the electoral hamster wheel that Americans have been duped into believing in.

Politicians can't help you...but they can surely hurt you.

Liberty builds civilizations.

Using government violence to enrich yourself, or to get "free" stuff, or to "remake" those you think are disadvantaged destroys civilizations.

For the Bernie supporters, read very closely: hands off other people and their stuff.


I've always liked Ron Paul.

I think your cartoon just about sums it up, except that in the first picture only half the people would have their hands up. The problem is that our culture has grown so weak. I think sometimes about the Pilgrims who came here on their little dinky boats and forged a new life in the wilderness, or the pioneers who went west with nothing but what they could fit in a wagon. It seems like we have everything, but they had a lot that we don't. They had grit, they had guts, they had courage and self pride and a hard work ethic. So many Americans today act like children. It's like we're turning into the Eloi from The Time Machine. I don't think a lot of us truly want freedom. It's so much easier to shove the responsibility onto someone else.

Bernie supporter: "But what about the poor? Do you hate the poor"

Me: "I hate you touching my wallet! Keep your hands off my stuff. And if you want to help the poor, like I have, dig into your own pockets"

Bernie supporter: blink blink "But what about the poor? Do you hate the poor"

I do not feel that Bernie supporters can grok what you said. It does not compute.

Compare my ‘charitable rate’ with that of the ‘Bernie bros’ and you’ll find the conviction to help those in need.

Hell, compare my charitable rate to Bernie himself, I give A LOT MORE and make a lot less.


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