I am considering running for a US House of Representatives Seat in 2020...

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I am considering running for a US House of Representatives Seat as a Moderate (I lean fiscally conservative, socially liberal).

I am excited to potentially represent the city and state I have lived in my entire life, as well as the district the majority of my family, friends, and acquaintances live.

To run a winning campaign you need to raise a large amount of money... The fee to get on the ballot is $3,000.

Can the Steemit Community help me raise the money for this fee?
All it takes is an Upvote, an encouraging Comment, or a Resteem!

FUNDS RAISED: $10.17 out of $3,000

Also, have any of you ran for public office before? What was your experience? Any advice?


Good luck on your run for office.

I host a news show on MSP Waves Radio (Here Comes The News) on Thursdays.

Would you be interested in coming on the show to talk about your plans?

Host of Here Comes The News on MSP Waves Radio.

Host of The Alternative Lifestyle Show on MSP Waves Radio.

Founder of the A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.

You can do it.

As the American news drifts back into election fever I wonder what it would take to get the alternative media to speak of the existence of the Alternative political parties ....I makes me wonder why they cannot get any air time on the Alternative media sites ... Even the Alternative media act as if only two parties exist. And this seems to be true in most countries the local Alternative media ignores the Alternative political parties .... You would think this to be a match made in heaven ... Or is there something a foot here Watson lol

I think it would take these “Minor” parties being able to pull away a few “Major” party politicians to convert to a “minor” party. I don’t know if you noticed Senator Rand Paul endorsed the 2016 Libertarian Presidential Nominee, Gary Johnson is running as the Libertarian Nominee for the NM Senate Seat. That should be an interesting race, considering Johnson is currently polling at 2nd place (Below the Democrat, above the Republican). But there were a good number of Republican defections to the Libertarian Party in 2016 because of Trump’s craziness. They saw the damage he was doing/is doing to the party and got out while they could.

!Done my friend! 🙂
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I re steemed you, so that you can get more audience.

Does "fiscally conservative" mean you're going to continue to prop up the rich while letting the poor die? If so, I refuse to support you.

I like this idea.

Believe in the constitution, liberty, life, and freedom.

I resteemed, upvoted and followed you. Expecting a follow back :)

Just out of curiosity, what state is it?