The Pentagon is Infested with Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Corruption

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Robbing people blind without them knowing it is a skill well developed by the government. And the Pentagon is one of the best at it. They cook the books and keep getting more money thrown at them by the government stooges who approve their requests for more money.


Investigative journalist David Lindorff who exposed the massive fraud at the Pentagon in his The Nation article, talked more about this in a recent interview with RT. Congress gives the Pentagon money, which they then secretly stash away with no accountability. It's a big scam and they're finally being called on it.

Trump sees it, calling it "crazy" spending, but then also agreed to increase the Pentagon's military budget to $750 billion next year. Lindorff claims the military budget is "larger than all the US debt in the history of the country". He adds:

"Pentagon budget is $750 billion dollars at this point. And each year it has been lower than that before. And yet their accounting shows that they have $21 trillion additionally in the budget, the one they submit to Congress each year. One budget year it was $6.5 trillion budget just for the army – which that year really only had 122 billion."

The Pentagons' accounting is a joke when you look at it. A sad joke being played on the American people, but a joke nonetheless. Lindorff says they just "making up numbers and plugging them in." Then they submit these magical cooked books to Congress each year to "show" that they have spent X amount of money. But these financial documents, if you can even call thejm that considering how it's all bullshit, are so convoluted that Lindorff calls them "completely incomprehensible and unauditable". They make no sense, don't add up, but Congress keeps approving them.

Jack Armstrong, a former supervising director of audits at the internal auditing agency for the Pentagon, the Office of Inspector General, was in charge of monitoring the spending to make sure the Pentagon was doing what they said they were doing. Lindorff cited him as saying:

"If the Pentagon was being honest, they would tell Congress each year when they submit financial statements for the current year and prior years accounts that what they are giving them is garbage."

Garbage. It's all garbage number magic that comes out of their asses. What a crock of shit.

Asif Khan, the head of the National Security Asset Management unit at GAO (Government Accountability Office) is another one who bluntly admitted the con job. He monitors all government agencies, from the Pentagon to the CIA. He said the Pentagon is at the top of all of them for being high risk for fraud, waste and abuse.

But none of this is being widely reported in the media. Why doesn't the media expose this massive fraud? The public masses need to think about this. Why is your "trusted" and "authoritative" source of information to give you the "real news", not actually informing you of important scams that you pay for through your taxes? Why bother to think about that when you can just go watch some TV, drink, smoke, have fund and be entertained in life. No need to think or learn about what really going on...

Lindorff states his sources at the Pentagon told him "they submit the financial statements from prior years showing falsely that it’s spent all its money and then asking for more."

And congress is too stupid to know they are being swindled.

"And so Congress obligingly gives them more. But the money that they don’t spend each year gets stashed away in secret places within the Pentagon and gets used without any accountability at all. This means that they are able to do black operations that get no oversight. It means that they could use it for corrupt purposes. There are all kinds of things they could do with it. And that fund could be now as large as $100 billion which I would note is larger than Russia’s entire military spending, close to Chinese entire annual military spending. And that is a slush fund."

A $100 billion slush fund to spend off books and do anything they want with it. No accountability. I already consider the accountability of the military is lacking, considering they are going oversees to murder people, aiding in wars against innocents, where thousands of civilians lose their lives. The wars being funded against Syria and Yemen are prime examples.

The problem with the accountability is those doing the accounting, both at the Pentagon to commit fraud and fund corrupt practices, and those who are supposed to hold them accountable in government. The structure and belief in authority is what fuels this whole system.

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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And congress is too stupid to know they are being swindled.

That's just the script, them the bumbling politicians who foolishly vote on crap they know nothing about. They do however know on all those big contributions that help them know which way to vote. They are out front of this so if the anger level rises, they will be voted out, problem solved, lol. Except the next in line will be there ready for their contributions next.

Yes, it's quite possibly just a cover of stupidity to funnel a war machine and prop the Empire up.

All the departments of the federal government should run a shared blockchain containing all financial information. Mostly, the information would be unencrypted because it's public. The confidential data could be encrypted and only readable by authorized parties or excluded from it. Why a blockchain? Immutability would make it impossible to cook the books afterwards. A distributed database would make it harder to conceal information. Annual cost savings would be in the hundreds of billions.

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Yes, all public institutions should have the majority of data on a chain and publicly accessible to verify.

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Thanks for the support .

And the rest of use are by law bound to General Accepted Accounting Practices when we file our Tax returns.

Yup. The biggest crooks are in government, and THE government itself.

Government= organised stupidity