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RE: An age of Medusa: the syndrom of overprotective mother enters politics

in #politics7 years ago

very good post. 100% upvoted it& following u. looking forward to your next good post. hope u will like my this post. pls do maximium upvote it kindly click follow button.


@innuendo should I kindly flag this, I'm getting annoyed seeing ads running here :D

hey @ika497, Welcome to steemit, could you please contribute something, like read and spend some time here before you go reward crying to people? I'm going to turn into a dick if I continue seeing pointless comments an spam in the general and post promotion chat :) so please learn, then go about contributing something, technically your post is worthless, because you didn't do anything you hogged the space here, placing a link, bring in some context, tell us something about yourself, there are enough videos on YT, if you copy pasta them here we would have billions of posts and no rewards to spread, so I wouldn't upvote a video I've watched some 5 months ago, when the rewards aren't even going to the creator. CREATE, don't spill shit all over the floor, expecting some reward.

I absolutely agree. I'll do the flagging.

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