Buffalo Wild Wings bans guns in stores - sparks debate

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Well it seems like anything will spark debate these days when anyone with a bias immediately "shares" something on FB without even reading the article. In this low-attention-span present that we currently have I don't think people even think about what it is that they are sharing before they do so but here is my perspective on this matter.


Buffalo Wild Wings is huge in America, and it is also one of my favorite places to go. I really enjoy a place that normally has like 20+ beers on tap and also a bunch of pub grub that while I know it is mostly pretty bad for you, is delicious and the prices are actually quite low. It used to be called "BW3's" and was just a small, regional establishment on the east coast and only had a few locations, mostly in college towns. One of the first ones was in the town that was my college town and man, was it popular. On a recent trip back to the states I noticed that BW3's is now almost everywhere, even small cities like the one I went to high school in and has a population of only 40,000 or so. It is a fantastic place if you love chicken wings and for me that is one of my favorite things. Whatever, this isn't a restaurant review.


For many people living outside the USA it would probably seem a bit crazy that someone would think it WOULD be ok to carry a gun into a restaurant - to be honest with you I think a lot of people inside the USA think it is a bit crazy. I'm one of those people that values freedom and feel as though you should be able to have guns and carry them wherever you want.... however, this does not preclude other rights.

I expect to be attacked from time-to-time when I say that I am pro-freedom and by extension of that I am pro-have-a-gun-if-you-want-to among a great many other things that can potentially harm others (or yourself). However, I am actually on Buffalo Wild Wings side on this one. It is their establishment, they own the building and therefore can (and should) be able to make any rules that they want to. If you, as a potential customer, don't like that, you have the freedom to take your patronage and money elsewhere or you can even be a dickhead and try to make some sort of campaign to cause them financial harm if you want to.

I would never do the last thing because I am lazy an find it easier to just not go there.

I can't help but roll my eyes when a relative or friend has a strong position of "good for you BW3's!" or "BW3"s is infringing on my 2nd ammendment rights!" There are even people calling for the government to force them to change this policy. It is their business and much like my house is my house, the owners of said place can have whatever rule they want (while this isn't exactly the case it is the way I, and many others, feel it should be.)

I am not sure what Buffalo Wild Wings is attempting to accomplish with this policy, especially since people who aren't overly concerned with laws (criminal-minded individuals) aren't going to arrive at this restaurant and then decide to not rob the place at gunpoint because of a window sticker. If I was the management of "Bee-dubs" (as we used to call it) I would have left this one alone because the unruly emotional masses are likely going to cause financial problems for ya!


I agree, my friend. It's THEIR business. They can make their own rules. The downside for them is that they basically rolled out a white, vinyl, window welcome mat for any criminal looking to operate within a stress-free work environment. If "law-abiders" obey that silly sign and enter anyway...they do it to their own peril.

BTW...hilarious picture of you driving there and then backing up. 100% upvote and followed ya. Peace.

I wish I could claim that meme was my creation, it is a good one for sure :)

Always gonna stir up shit when you cross the NRA... Love me some BW3. I'm guessing this is for customer safety.. drinking, testosterone and sports tend to rile emotions.. I would guess there have been incidents of fights and weapons out in their establishment before, otherwise they wouldn't have to put a sign up trying to prevent it..

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Not that a sign can really stop someone intent on bringing a gun, and I can't see B'dubs patting down everyone at the door or installing metal detectors as that would most certainly incur financial losses to their company. But a sign can be a reminder to 'leave it in the car.' Which is, as you point out, a fair thing for anyone to ask if they own the property.

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fights? In a college town sports bar? No chance :P

Isn’t there a law against no guns in bars? I thought there was?

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these laws vary from state to state. There might be

Tennessee is one of four states, along withArizona , Georgia and Virginia , that recently enacted laws explicitly allowing loaded guns in bars. (Eighteen other states allow weapons in restaurants that serve alcohol.)

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Guns and Bars don’t mix, anyone who says otherwise is clueless.

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I mean, there's not much to debate here. While there might be some states that have a law in place where you could ignore their sign, generally they can instate whatever rules they want. Since, you know, it's their business. And, that's fine. I have my CCW and heavily support the second amendment, so I'll just take my support and money to other locations. Like everyone else should. You know, instead of baby raging about it on social media. Sharing the info around is fine to save others a headache/time, but outrage/cancel culture is fucking annoying.

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Sorry to tell you, but if you think B dubs is cheap, the prices must have went way up since you left. It is probably one of the most expensive bar and grill's out there. Especially if you are partaking in the many beers. They started in Columbus, OH. The original building is still there but I am not sure it is still a BW3. The company got bought by the group that owns Arby's about a year ago. It's possible the rule is being enforced at a higher level than the individual locations have control over.

That being said, I still love their food. I just don't go that often because it is so expensive.

You are exactly right. There is no "debate" here. Buffalo Wild Wings is a private establishment on private property and they can make their own rules. If you don't like their rules as a customer then you can always go somewhere else instead. I'm strongly pro freedom too and fully support the 2nd Amendment but this isn't a gun rights issue, it's a property rights issue. If I don't want to let you into my house with a gun then I don't have to. Neither does Buffalo Wild Wings.

Of course, one wonders what the point of the rule is. I mean, if I have a concealed weapon they aren't going to know unless I want them to unless they are searching everybody that enters.

If I have to bring a gun just to get service, then maybe I should go somewhere else. (LOL). In all seriousness, it is their business. They have the right to ban firearms on the premises. Why would anyone pick this "hill to die on" over gun rights. I personally do not own a firearm. Still, I fully support the and amendment.

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