Changes In New Mexico For Industrial Hemp Research

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A new bill has recently been approved by the Senate in New Mexico, that is looking to establish a brand new research program for industrial hemp production in the state. Now that the bill has passed the House and the Senate, it doesn't have much further to go. After being approved in the Senate yesterday, by a vote that was 30-12, the bill is now going to land on the Governor's desk and needs to be approved.

If it gets approved, it will be the Department of Agriculture which will be establishing the research program. It will be investigating the areas of cultivation and marketing related to the crop. It might not be able to make it past the Governor's desk though, because that Gov. vetoed a hemp-related bill a few years ago that was for research as well.

There are only going to be 3 days for the governor to act on this bill and approve it, after that it's too late.

There are other efforts to move forward with embracing industrial hemp in many other states as well, like Nebraska, Wisconsin, Arizona, South Dakota, and Hawaii. The bill that was recently passed in New Mexico, Bill 144, was sponsored by Rep. Bill Gomez (D), Antonio Maestas (D), and Rick Little. The sponsors of the bill say that industrial hemp will be a lucrative crop for the state, a sustainable one that can provide endless economic opportunities; a vast array of products, jobs, and more.

Imagine the sort of progress that human civilization might see, if the people had the freedom to explore and research hemp, grow it etc, without first having to seek and receive the approval of a collective that's made up of only a few people. Perhaps there are millions of people in New Mexico at the moment who could benefit from, or who would be in support of, people having the freedom to research industrial hemp. But if the few lawmakers in that state don't agree, then no such freedom will be exercised.

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