Officials In Hawaii Look To Make Way For Industrial Hemp Production

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There is an effort currently underway in Hawaii, that's seeking to push new legislation through that would effectively legalize industrial hemp production within the state.

If the new bill is successful then it would, if passed, work to nullify the currently standing federal prohibition stance on hemp. The bill, SB163, is looking to remove industrial hemp from the state's designation of controlled substances. Officials who are in favor of this bill passing, are aiming to do away with the current ban on growing, possession, selling, and processing, of industrial hemp. They no longer want their citizens to suffer civil or criminal penalties because they were involved in peaceful exchanges with hemp.

SB163 was introduced by five senators: Sen. M. Shimabukuro, Sen. W. Espero, Sen. J Green, Sen. G Riviere, and Sen. R. Ruderman.

If passed, the new rules would really pave the way for opening the door to encouraging more commercial scale industrial hemp growth and more. State officials want hemp to be seen just like any other crop and they want to encourage their citizens to start farming it, with the passage of SB163 which will make it safe for them to do so.

SB163 isn't the only bill that's looking to make this change, another bill has also been introduced in the Hawaii Senate and it's looking to legalize hemp production as well. That bill, SB1052, is looking to expand the existing hemp pilot program that's in place. People are only allowed to grow hemp in Hawaii at the present time if they are doing it for research purposes and if they have been granted permission. If these bills pass, it might not take very long before we see some drastic changes.

There Are A Number Of Uses For Hemp

Experts have suggested that a potential hemp market in the US could turnover around $600 million at least every year. And hemp can be used for a great deal of things: bio-fuel, cosmetics, clothing, food, rope, paper, housing insulation, concrete (hempcrete), and so much more.

It's suggested that there are at least 25,000 different uses for industrial hemp.

Supporters of industrial hemp legalization say that the state is robbing the people of the economic opportunity that could be had, if people were permitted to produce and exchange this crop. There really seems to be no point in continuing to criminalize the act of growing this crop; it could provide a great deal of benefits to the community in a number of ways. They are restricting opportunity not only for farmers, but also for consumers and entrepreneurs.

Pending SB163 & SB1052

Hopefully these bills that have been introduced in Hawaii, will contribute to the inevitable and much-needed demise of the remaining nonsensical restrictions surrounding the production and selling etc of hemp.




Oh man Hawaii and Hemp, great combination @doitvoluntarily !!

Hemp (cannabis with <0.3% THC) has never been placed on the controlled substance list. It is the pharmaceutical industry with DEA that are using smoke and mirrors so they can have all of the hemp extracts to themselves. The only restriction on hemp that has ever been placed, and repealed in 2014 is the cultivation of hemp.

Strange all these legislators are "legalizing"[regulating] something that is already fully legal to sell, consume, and send all over the world?

Great post.

Undervalued for sure. Keep up the good work.

Hope to see this take place in sustainable way here in the aloha state. Cheeehooooo

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