South Africa - A Rainbow Nation Painted In Blood

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Talking about the true state of South Africa is not something I particularly enjoy, it is an emotional and harsh reality check that sickens me to my core. However creating awareness of what is going on seems to be an integral part of survival seeing that there is no true statistics or media cover on the matter.

I decided to do a short post on this none the less after coming across this post of @buckaroo :

The video that she put in this post is really great at highlighting some of the harsh realities that South Africans are faced with here but sadly there are so many contributing factors that still manage to place people under the illusion that this is not really happening and that all of this is an exaggerated one sided view. And I guess that if you are looking at mainstream media for any clarity on this - do not be surprised if you come up empty handed.

Here are a few tidbits of lesser known facts that might help you view things differently.

First of all Government and non believers try to debunk the fact that white South African farmers are being brutally raped tortured and murdered by falling back on the provided statistics, however the statistics that they use are as inaccurate as they come, I say this because in 2007 the police were banned from releasing the ethnic groups of the people that have been murdered in order to cover up the mess that is currently going on further more, according to South African police, there is no official crime category called “farm attack” or “farm murder”, and yet Governments rely on these statistics from the police, that withholds crucial information to spoon-feed public that farm attacks and murders are not happening.

“The average murder ratio per 100,000 for the population in the world is nine, I believe,” said TAU spokesman Henk van de Graaf in 2016.

“In South Africa, it is 54. But for the farming community it is 138, which is the highest for any occupation in the world.”
~ source

Now even if the numbers that they falsely rely on happens to be miraculously accurate, people tend to forget to take the percentages of populous into account in this matter.
Since the start of the land reformations the Agricultural sector of South Africa has halved, the population has declined and the farm attack farm murder rate on farmers are still growing. And the total amount of white people in South Africa is merely 8%

But even ignoring all of this information how can you deny the true state of South-Africa when you have political leaders including the now deceased Nelson Mandela, Jacob Zuma, Juliaus Malema to name just a few singing hate crime songs and participating in uprising to kill the white farmers publicly.

Below is a old snippet, that shows some of these hate songs and translates their words for those who does not necessarily understand the language that they are sung in, and despite the fact that it is an older clip, you can find political leaders singing these same songs today, this video also show Nelson Mandela after he became president of South Africa, as he partakes in one such uprising to kill the whites - and this is hardly a shocker, because Nelson Mandela before his presidency was after all incarcerated for terrorism and murder.

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Yes - really!!!? Mandela, the (roll around laughing hysterically) saviour of the world and bringer of peace? The world is blind and mad. Hope you don't have the nasty commenter I did @breezin


Well you can feel free to go read my replies there.
but I should probably log off, because I will loose it, it sickens me that people can be so naive

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Sound article. I find it really tough to come across any objective or well-reasoned info on South Africa from any mainstream source. Whats being done is dishonest and immoral. I fear the white people in that country are being set up for misery on an epic scale.


so very true, everything is masked with a pretty facade but what boils underneath is just filth and horror.

Sometimes you just want to shake people into seeing the truth. Nice post!


Oh absolutely!

And they gave him a Nobel prize for peace....
Stay safe @breezin ❤️


Crazy sick!

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There is wisdom in this saying: As it is in South Africa, so it will be in the USA.

Those who are hiding behind false government and globalist/communist/racist narratives, you are unlikely to be spared.

Criminal Hussein Obama had the nerve to visit the SA regime in 2018 in support of their land-grand-theft.
Criminal Eugenicist Angela Merkel, Chief Traitor of Germany, as T May of Britain, Macaroni Macron of France and the rest of the unlawful self-appointed politicians are equally to blame for the shameless terrorist support and racially motivated mass murder of South African white settlers, without whom South Africa would be as unfruitful as it was before it transformed into fruitful farmland.

Think for no moment, you Merkels, Obamas, and South Afrcian Government Terrorists that you will get away with it.

Prayers are with you, Claudette.


Did you read @buckaroo 's post, she had some horrid commentary which I just responded to :(


Yeah - did now. Thanks for reminding.
Also interesting to see one person there trying to blame it all on whiteness. Sad.


It is all just so sickening


Noticed one short quib in the video? The comment/push for land confiscation/murder by the unlawful organization, the self-appointed World Bank? These are the real enemies.

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