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Whoops. Too bad for all those that sacrificed countless hours, resources, tons of money, and real effort for your presidential run. It's only a temporary suspension, though. No biggie. Well, I mean, unless you actually become Senator if you get that "authority" you are "asking for" via the "blessing of the voters." Weird. Almost sounds....not like something a Voluntaryist would ever say.

BUT. You've gotta "put down" the voluntaryist ideology in a sense to get anything "practical" done, am I right?

.....what Dancing With The Stars turned you down?

Kokesh for senate would be pretty epic... idk too much about Hess but it seems like a good team.

Doing good i hope you succed your campaign.
Good luck @adamkokesh

Hi Mr Hes , wishing both of you success in your campagn

I hope you are successful at @adamkokesh

I dont live in Arizona but you both have my vote.....

In fact, I will vote twice for each of you...I am just kind that way.

Good interview

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