[AIRDROP][How To Claim Tutorial] Claim your $160 BYTEBALL Bytes Guide [HOT]

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Hello dear Steemians, how are you?

Today i would like to share with you cool and exciting quick tutorial about how you can claim your FREE Byteball Bytes, up to $160 !! Yes, that's right !

Byteball Bytes are a cryptocurrency like STEEM or SBD. You will get half of the Byteball Bytes now, the other half in one year from now (smart contract). You can hold them or sell them for other (crypto)currencies, including STEEM .

The airdrop is rewarded to the following STEEM accounts:

Your steem account needs to have at least a reputation of 30 and to be created prior to July 12, 2018. If you meet this conditions, based on your repution, you will be eligible for the following rewards : Steem reputation above 30: you get a $5 reward Steem reputation above 40: you get a $10 reward Steem reputation above 50: you get a $40 reward Steem reputation above 60: you get a $80 reward Steem reputation above 70: you get a $160 reward
So, your reward is split 50/50 between cash and a smart contract. This means that 50% of the reward is spendable immediately after the registering process. The other 50% is paid to a smart contract that can be unlocked after one year. Once this time period is reached you will be able to withdraw the remaining 50% of your reward.

Example : Your reputation is 62 , you will get 40$ immediately in your byteball wallet in the form of byteball bites. The next day you will get the rest of 40$ in the form of byteball bytes, but they will be locked under the smart contract for one year.

Easy Instructions to Claim:

This is how you can claim your free Byteball Bytes:

1.) Download the Byteball Windows wallet

Download the Byteball wallet using this link by clicking on the windows icon:


2.) Install the wallet on Windows PC

Install the wallet like you would install any other program. Now open it. You can stick with the default options: Press Agree, Continue, Continue.

3.) Send me your WALLET address via DISCORD

Click on "RECIEVE" button, and send me your wallet address displayed there on Discord cryptobots#0447 . Join our Discord Server - STEEMER.NET here: https://discord.gg/qQZ7Eng . Please do NOT comment your wallet address publicly on this post! Please wait before you proceed to the next step until I confirm that I sent you the Bytes needed to pay the attestation fee via Discord.

4.) Open STEEM BOT

Click the “Chat”-button to the bottom right.

Click the “Bot Store” tab to the top right.

Scroll down to find the bot named “Steem attestation bot” and click that.

When added, the bot will greet you with a message explaining the process:

First it will ask you to enter the address of the wallet you want to attest. Simply click the small icon at the bottom left and choose “Insert my address (Small expenses wallet)” and press the send button to send it to the bot.

5.) STEEMCONNECT to verify your account reputation

The bot will now generate a link to Steemconnect. Click this link and follow the login procedure.

Click the account you wish to use and proceed to login to prove you are the owner.

6.) Pay the attestation fee

The bot will then ask if you want to store your username private (in your own wallet and only a hash i published) or public (details visible in the Byteball DAG). To enable others to send funds to your username instead of your wallet address, you must choose public.

Finally, the bot will ask you to pay the attestation fee (which i sent you in step 3), to cover the transaction fee of storing the attestation (private or public) on the DAG. Simply click blue line with LINK “Please pay for the attestation: Payment request: 49000 bytes.” and then click SEND.

6.) DONE, you got FREE money !

As soon as the payment is confirmed, the bot will let you know it received the payment and transfer your reward based on your STEEM reputation.
It will also show you the link to your attestation, so you can see how your attestation looks on the Byteball DAG. Clicking the link will take you to the Byteball explorer and show you the attestation unit.

You should now receive a few messages from the bot along with your free Byteball Bytes!


I hope you will enjoy this AirDrop. For more questions, feel free to ask me on Discord cryptobots#0447 or join Discord Server STEEMER.NET here: https://discord.gg/qQZ7Eng

Thanks for your support!



Oh! I guess i just need some few upvotes to meet the Requirement...anyone willing to help?

Hello, anything over 30 reputation gets free money

Awesome promotion. Free crypto is the best crypto.



Hello @daniel3050, please contact me on discord cryptobots#0447, just please proceed to all steps

Shure, please look my free Byteball money tutorial here to, feel free to ask me on Discord cryptobots#0447 or join Discord Server STEEMER.NET here: https://discord.gg/qQZ7Eng

Hello! great, great information. Is it done once per account? or once per ip?

@readkr , per account, contact me at Discord cryptobots#0447 , or join Discord Server STEEMER.NET here: https://discord.gg/qQZ7Eng

Rewards have been HALVED and attestation fee has been removed so it is no longer required for claim. ALSO NOTE that ONLY the referral link to download wallet works for referral rewards..just in case anyone was unaware of these changes made this week.

Referral link may work or may not and nobody seems to be able to explain why this is happening so don't count on any referrals as they seem to be distributed in random way.

I think since it uses the cookie feature it really depends on the device that is downloading the wallet via the provided referral link. If the device has private browsing, cookies disabled, or is otherwise running a plugin that blocks cookies - no referral is possible since that cookie is the referral 'connection'.

I have received maybe 2/10 attestation fee referrals since people made bots to sift the DAG and send first..lol At least we have a fighting chance now, @pibyk 😆

Right. But as this is blockchain referreal should not be based on cookies. That sucks ;-)

STEEM is a blockchain that Steemit runs on, but Byteball is not a blockchain - it's a DAG which is a "Directed Acrylic Graph" - see Byteball Wiki

Hope that helps to clarify for future readers ✌😉

If the person uses the link to download a wallet and meets qualifications (which have been updated) the referrer should get the reward immediately upon the person signing up getting their tokens. I understand that some are not receiving their tokens, but since it is all there and immutable similar to blockchain - it can be resolved in time.

I'm happy to have gotten the airdrop and I won't sweat over anything beyond that. It's all a bonus to me 😆 Call me a bytebal-liever but I think it's awesome to be part of the 1st ever STEEMIT AIRDROP!! (Sound the alarm🚨)

If you want to get rid of your bytes, there's a new service @jackmiller and I started called @balls2steem where you can sends bytes and get STEEM. Just tossing that out there if you're interested.

Blockchain or graph is for all practical purposes the same thing. Technicalities are different but final results (like immutability) are more or less the same.

And being aCRylic, or rather ACYCLIC does not mean that off-chain or off-graph mechanisms should be applied to referencing. And this issue is not going to be resolved. If you didn't get your referral then you are not going to get it.

The fact is that current referral system sucks. I like the idea of them bytes and DAG but it requires fine-tuning.

I agree that the fact that it should not be a faulty system and that the current referral system is not effective or totally serving the utility/function it was designed for. The problem is not really the system, it's more a problem of the people abusers. This makes a simple system worthless. Technology is great in theory and sometimes all it takes is a few people to F it all up for everyone.

Hope it gets fixed, but I'm happy with being included in the first Steemit airdrop. That's one for the books ✌️😎

@pibyk if you need help with getting byteball contact via Discord cryptobots#0447 , or join Discord Server STEEMER.NET here: https://discord.gg/qQZ7Eng

Thx. Don't need any help. Got all I could - the problem is faulty referral system.

This user is on the @buildawhale blacklist for one or more of the following reasons:

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Click on "RECIEVE" in Wallet button, and send me your wallet address displayed there, here in comments or on Discord cryptobots#0447 , or join Discord Server STEEMER.NET here: https://discord.gg/qQZ7Eng . Thanks

Too many impossible steps.
Basically, each step is load and setup something new.

And why would i need to log into steemconnect to verify user?
You can access the steem blockchain on your own.

Hello @builderofcastles , please contact me on Discord for help so i can help you directly: cryptobots#0447 , or join Discord Server STEEMER.NET here: https://discord.gg/qQZ7Eng

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