In An Act Of Desperation All Agendas Are Pushed, Prepare Yourself For The Big One - Episode 1306b

11 days ago
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The democratic party is now taking it to the next level they are now suing the President. Germany wants complete control of communications and wants to finger print children. India and Pakistan join the Shanghai Cooperation. US soldiers are not fighting in Philippines.

Trump give the Pentagon more power to deploy troops. The forces in Syria bring in a missile launcher across the border in Syria. There was an event near DC and a senator was shot. This false flag is now being used for many different agendas.

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  ·  11 days ago

Oh my, India and Pakistan are joining, but that just makes sense. They share a continent with china and that Oneroad belt is going to be Yuuuuuuuuuuuuge.


  ·  11 days ago

It's going to be a miracle if we get out of this decade without a civil war . . .

  ·  11 days ago

Its a circus

  ·  11 days ago

I imagine President Trump is very comfortable being sued. He has been there and done that. He wont be intimidated by this at all.

  ·  11 days ago

As you say there are a lot of agendas, the one that keeps popping up is control of the internet/social media.. That's what catches my attention.

  ·  11 days ago

i wish there is a transcript of this video. I am being censored by the youtube. i cannot play beyond 3:00/26:11. not only this video and your other video as well.

  ·  10 days ago

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