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Today we are faced with an unusual event, one party decided not to follow the rules of the game of international law. Same right that they promoted in their time and respected. Now it is about imposing in the most blatant and absurd way his will over that of others. Regardless of the degree of acceptance or rejection as well As for the good or bad will of a government or government, there are instances and legal processes that for the good and the order of all we must respect and follow. The allow or be an accomplice to an event of this nature opens the doors for these individuals can dispose of who or what they want in the future, the degree of guarantees that they have the parts in a scenario like this is equal to zere (0). If in the future these subjects decided to do the same with a former ally or with someone, the possibility of claiming justice and impartiality will have vanished. It is sad to see how the ignorant of reality submits to such impudence and impudence. We have to ask then for what purpose they have or would have in an immediate future different organizations and treaties if what these personages propose is the law of the most strongest. It would not be better to use that valuable time and resources that are wasted in diplomacy and the parody of the war in more realistic and noble causes, since there is no point in negotiating with someone who obviously does not respect the will and the rights of others. Same as in form shameless is called libertador and police of democracy and the world. It's extreme, almost impossible to analyze all this situation that affects (us) and this is so because of the accumulation of lies and falsehoods with which they bombard us daily, this only to create confusion and doubts about something that even a child understands is aberrated.

So what is happening?

The subject itself is extensive, as extensive is the period of time in which these personages or things have been working in the dark, preparing their master plan for world domination through lie, capital and more. Today humanity are divides and polarizes in two opposite directions in relation to this type of behavior. For example: the case of Venezuela.

Venezuela, a country blessed by creation. A country with innumerable resources strategic, with friendly, cheerful and hard-working people. Suffer today the consequences of these power games, according to (them) the police and defenders of democracy and the world, just They want to help and restore order. So in their minds they have devised a whole plan to help the population (regardless of social class) in which blocking, co-opting and sanctioning said country and as if by magic restore the supposed order. Is We know that these measures to whom they really affect is to the population in general. The government will always find a way to prioritize its resources to and with its security and existence. Then that shortage generated by the measures kindly imposed by these types in whom the most effect is on the citizen, then they tell you that you do not have to eat because your government does not allow it or it is stolen. The equivalent of the above is like if some of you have a ball of rats in your house eating the food and more from your pantry, and then when your family claims you for lack of food, the rats whisper (timidly, like rats that are) that the fault is yours for not provide food and comfort to yours family.

So far so good, that is easy to understand.

The good comes now ...

Generate a situation of chaos or conflict in Venezuela, which possesses the The world's largest (certified) hydrocarbon reserves serve several purposes:


In a scenario of war or conflict, as well as one of lack of legal certainty, the (Stock), the futures, sovereign bonds and other financial instruments of that country would come out of the global market. This would have consequences that the cost per barrel of hydrocarbons would increase, exceeding 100.00 USD per unity. Most peoples will believe that it is a gamble to obtain more benefits at the expense of suffering of an entire nation but the background is more perverse than it appears.


Bearing in mind that hydrocarbons are the basis of modern society, most of peoples associate them with the energy and transport sector, but in reality the petrochemical industry is the driving force of the world economy. So much so that from the products of plastics and other polymers, many additives and precursors for the pharmaceutical, food, textile and others industries, They are obtained from the synthesis and derivatives of hydrocarbons. In a scenario of increase in the cost of the same, said increase would be reflected in the entire chain of production and services. Making it impossible for certain nations to survive or develop properly.


It is taken for granted that the largest economy in the world is the USA, anyone with the most elementary knowledge of algebra knows that it was some time ago. The biggest economy now and to the chagrin of many is China and the otherone that will reach it is India. Then and knowing the chauvinist and perverse mentality of these personage (the cops of democracy) the way they are supposed to stop or to hinder such advent is economic war. The above is based on a simple principle, between the People's Republic of China and India have a third of the world population. Both have weapons capable of causing enough damage to enter them in that way. Then, via sanctions and tariffs, it is tried to carry both economies and others more to a state of disability, which allows the perverse part Gain time waiting for some technological or military miracle to recover what is irrecoverable. And this is where Venezuela enters ...

They are already beginning to understand why the closure of government and its re-opening (only for three (3) weeks))? That's a fiscal correction, given the volume of that economy a few days (those that was shutdown) are enough to correct the balance. That is to say: gain time. This strategy alone does not cure the disease, it only makes it more bearable.


Given that both nations (China and India) are economies that are migrating from the maquila model to production and development (I+D) model and by making hydrocarbons and their derivatives more expensive It makes to these and other emerging economies impossible compete. Since they not having reserves or energy self-sufficiency and derivatives, they would be required to acquire the same at a high market price, which would be transferred to the goods or services to trade. This strategy combine with others leaves the aforementioned economies out of the game paving the way for these beloved and benevolent guarantors of democracy, whom developing exponentially and thus maintain the economic advantage by over the other

competitors. About 10 years ago, the People's Republic China and as part of its strategic plan, developed the hydroelectric complex of the Three throats, a gigantic work that consumed great resources for its ending. By chance, in the same period, the cost of steel and derivatives suffered increase of value , this resulted in a contraction in the GDP (Chinese) estimated for those fiscal years and different delays in terms of the completion of said plan strategic and everything associated with it.


Therefore the purpose of these personages is that Venezuela and if necessary Latin America put the dead, as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc. They put the bombs and bullets. The remaining puppet governments and clowns put they sovereing bond to pay to one hundred (100) or more years the expenses of war:

{this is the debt that it contracts a government after its (liberation), to mention just one example The USSR (now Russian Federation) finished paying for the contracted debt in World War II just a few years ago, in compensation for the aid granted to Stalin (the Tanks, Jeep, planes and ammunition are not given away). The supposed help or expense that generate release to any country remains as debt to pay)))}. The war is also a business! Asian economies put a tailored recession. The whole world's population pays the costs of making everything expensive (there are very few things that escape the Affectation due to the costs of hydrocarbons and derivatives). And they put the smile before the cameras (also of them), the example of successful and developed society. Which is an example to follow by any individual, company or state that considers itself successful (in the style: get away you to put me myself).


I mean, at the party that these personages invented, we were all invited, just that they are the diners and us the food. It's curious and as I said before: see (observe), how a handful of this things (personages) controls all the dynamics of the economy and life in this planet. It is a strategic plan that these things and their accomplices have had since times of the great King Nebuchadnezzar (the first, the big, the third and fourth). So this problem is not from today, nor from the administration that lives in the White House. This issue comes from a long time ago and says like this...

Now all this is getting heavy!

The Faith:

Latin America and in general the Western Hemisphere are societies and nations of Christian character or belonging to Christianity. The three great variants or branches are The Catholic, The Protestant and Orthodox Church. In America we have been, we are and we hope to be receptors and protectors of the different minorities, ethnic groups and other religions. The Christian Faith has taught us to love our neighbor, to protect it and defend it from abuses. The Christian Faith nowhere tells us to be superior to others, to belittle or attack them for development purposes or our delight. Then it is shocking that someone says that according to his sacred writings he or they are the chosen ones of God and we are something less than animals. That thing has been introducing in a subtle way and lately shamelessly creating alliances with the one or those who are in power in order to eliminate in a dirty way and disloyal to anyone who does not belong to their religion or sect (elected).

Then we have to see how are produced in a (colorful way, like the revolutions and springs of colors) a series of accusations of a sexual and corrupt nature against the clergy and other staff of these churches and house of faith. Most of these accusations are true, therefore they do not lie to you when the television networks, newspapers or social networks tell you one of these news. The cunning part here is publish something that is known at a time when the Christian Faith has begun to diminish as a result of the distancing of new generations and with the help of all kinds of technological accessories and social networks (property and invention of: they). In this way, all this population mass remains in a state of confusion, rejection and anger towards their respective Churches and house of Faith. Creating this an empty or undecided vote similar to the one created in an electoral contest, when one of the candidates and just before of the elections rains to him all kinds of accusations and demands. This shows the perverse identity of these aggressors, since the same ones and for lack of initiative for create dialogues and situations of healthy competition and productivity, appeal to the unique thing with who were blessed: evil!

This is the reason why we see how some fundamentalist apparently affected by some opiode or narcotic (brainwashing and manipulation) enter to cities like Palmira destroying all vestige of civilization and past culture. This they do so to erase from the collective conscious and history everything that contradicts its own existence and condition of chosen. Yes, because you can not be God's chosen if there was any civilization before that you, since this is same to saying that God who is perfect was wrong in choosing others for his firstborn. Then slow but in a hurry this thing takes over almost all means of communication, social networks and the Internet itself. In order to can serve or dose to future generations the (official) version of the town chosen one. Since each day we read less and (speak) more, the possibility for any people to knowing the truth in the future will be nil. Entering himself in a mental state of acceptance of divinity and kinship of these things with God, same that would be in the collective unconscious as the people of God and we as his servers (in perpetuity).

the proof is in (eating) the pudding...

Take the time to investigate the origin of the capital and the constitution funds of almost all US technology companies. Or at least those related to services on the Internet, finance and military industrial complex. The vast majority of these are under domain and control of a group of lunatics who claim to be the chosen ones. And yes, after stealing almost everything related to R & D and confidential and private information they are saying that they are entrepreneurs and talented. Which they use to justify their condition of elect. So the problem is not the US, in fact and apparently this great nation that had its origins in some Pilgrims (Christians) and who became the example of the world in terms of rights and proof of that is that impressive constitution and its amendments. Apparently this nation is being held hostage by this group of lunatics and this due to the degree of dependence they have on fiscal and military matters. Sometimes you have to know how to choose your friendships, says the saying: tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are.

In the same way, I invite you to search the Internet, for example:

image of a crucified Ronald McDonalds, what are exposed in a gallery of modern art in one of those (sacred cities) This (contemporary work of art) is exposed for more than one year, the pretext for exhibiting something like this is that as an art in itself and for being the free art of ideologies and dogmas can not be withdrawn since It would set a bad precedent that would give rise to the censorship. The above as logical analysis of art, its expressions and rights is fine, what disrespectful here is the fact that the greatest symbol of Christianity be desecrated in this way. And if it were art, then I would not have nothing wrong with exhibiting a collection of (bath soaps) with a Legends like:

{With pride hand made in Crackovia since 1942, 100% pig's grease}.
Faced with an exhibition like this, no one should be offended, do not you think?

Art is art and for a offense another.

It is healthy and prudent for the Christian community (Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox) to be interested in these and other issues, because otherwise they would be condemning themselves and all us to perpetual slavery and to the extinction of our Faith and the Christian religions. Today is us, tomorrow will be the Buddhists, Muslims and others. The evil does not knows limits and unfortunately it is not possible to negotiate with him. Any fool who pretend the above to get power or money (temporary) sooner or later will end being a hindrance for these personages and therefore an enemy more to eat. It may be prudent awaken to the God Shiva, perhaps he should leave his retreat in the mountains and this time force the evil to swallow the sea water that became milk.

Subject to abound.

You can read this or anthers documents at:

Best regards ; -)


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