💵 Steemit Poker League LOGO

in poker •  2 years ago

My contribution to the request for mOar logo's by @tuck-fheman

Some color variations...

and perspective :)

Feel free to use the logo if you like it... HQ files can be provided if necessary.
Questions?...just ask

Cheers, @verelst

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Thanks Mate! Im liking the LOGO a lot.


You're welcome! Thank you too for liking the logo :)

Just the word poker make me like the logo 😂 Im a poker fan hehe 😍 Nice logo mate


Thanks! I also like poker and play it from time to time.

Nice work!!

logo is looking great. if you are looking for feedback, my favorite color variation is with the yellow in the 'o' in poker. good work @verelst looking forward to your future posts!

Great post and a lot of cool designs. Personally I like the middle one the most but they all look good.

Great post! Keep it up :)
By the way, I'm following you now

Nice job man!!

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Nice post! I will follow you from now on. I give you a vote!