Poetry Dice Challenge (Week 26)

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Is the theme this week.


  1. Create a poem using the 9 images on the dice (above).
  2. All 9 images on the dice must be referenced at least once, each, in the poem. [Images are interpreted loosely. How you interpret (or assign the image meaning) is up to you and will not count against you.]
  3. Make a post from your poem and use “poetrydice,” as your first tag.
  4. Label your entry clearly. Include "Poetry Dice Entry:" in your title, so I know it's official.
  5. Drop a link to your post in the comments section below, so I can find it.
  6. Theme your poem after the style of "Romance."

Deadline to enter

Tuesday at Midnight PST UTC-7 (Oregon, USA)

Winners announced weekly.


5 SBD to the winning poem entry. All entrants receive my 100% upvote.


So proud of all the entries this week! What amazing poets!!!

Thank you for setting up this amazing challenge. Mine isn’t really a poem, lol. But not in it to win it, more to unleash my soul I guess x

Poetry makes me wet...

...with emotional tears.

Oh my, Yes! :-O

This week, my entry is a bit more cheesy, I suppose. It is really fun to incorporate so many prompts into one poem along one theme.

Poetry Dice Entry: For You

Thank you @robyneggs always fun to create and participate ;) Here is my entry:


Hello @robyneggs. I like to participate in your beautiful contest. Thank you.

romance of the alien overloards? @drdave should put in an entry! XD

This is my entry in Poetry Dice Challenge (Week 26) with the theme Romance. :)

Is the last dice a bridge over a river? I almost broke my neck to come just to arrive at that interpretation.

Yes, @poetrybyjeremy its a bridge over a river, water, sea....

Yes! Same! took me some few seconds to decypher it. Then I was sad. At first I thought it was some new musical instrument!

This theme eh? I've been known to dabble a bit in the romantic poetry:

Wonderful :-) It was a last second maneuver on the theme choice. I'm excited to read all the nasty love juice.

@thecreativerebel I think I will give this a shot, want to join me?

This is my amazing entry.follow end upvote back

good work, I am very inspired with your work

Me and romance always fighting it out till the last moment :)

Have a wonderful week everyone.


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