Poetry Dice Entry: Challenge 3000 (Week 27) "Let's walk together"

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Hello friends. This is my entry for the contest Poetry dice from @robyneggs, who kindly invites us to participate here
The theme this week is Beginnings.



poetry semana27.jpg


Let's walk together

I have built my inner world,
that shelters a sea of feelings,
it's the connection, the most perfect bridge
to unite my soul to the universe.
I travel a well marked road,
and I seek only light, purity and harmony;
I plant flowers in an ideas garden
to love all my brothers.
I have grown strong like the tree
and my arms look like big branches
that shelter, refresh and bear fruit
of smiles, truths and joys.
I do not want sad faces by my side,
I can not stand the pain that overwhelms the world,
I have a dream, I dream every day,
is to give you my hand and my joy.
Because the strength to live is the love
for some, for others and for all;
It is a magnet that attracts more energy
subtle, beautiful luminous.
If we walk together, we will be invincible
and we will overcome the face of evil!


Thanks for your visit.

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Hello @armonia
Your poem is inspiring.
Teardrops has rewarded you with a tear of joy
we will also mention you in our next edition: A Tear Now Has Value # 7

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens).
You can read about these special tokens Here!!!


I am very happy with your opinion @teardrops.
Rest assured that I put all my effort, so that they understand what I write.
I am pleased with your mention.
Thank you very much. Congratulations.
I will be alert to read.


It is very emotional. Thank you very much.

Very nice :) For some reason I was under the impression out poems have to rhyme. Come to find out I am like the only person with a rhyming poem even though I very seldomly write in rhyme how funny is that ;) These are my favorite lines of your piece they hold power :

to love all my brothers.
I have grown strong like the tree
and my arms look like big branches
that shelter, refresh and bear fruit


Hi, friend @tygertyger.
I am very happy that the poem is to your liking.
I like classic Spanish poetry and I think I have a good command of poetic science and its laws.
But there is also free poetry, a Spanish-American current that emerged as a rebellion against the rules that try to put a straitjacket on the beauty of poetic feeling.
This is the case of my poem.
If my verses give emotion to someone, I already receive the best reward.
Thank you very much for reading.
Enjoy a beautiful weekend.


you too :)

Really a beautiful and amazing piece of art. It has really heart touching lines.

I have a dream, I dream every day,
is to give you my hand and my joy.


Thank you very much, @cheema1.
Sometimes I fear looking very silly, for expressing my feelings of friendship to the world.
I bet on the brotherhood.
I leave you my grateful greeting.

Bellìsimo @armonia se siente una gran sensibilidad y mucho amor.


Si tenemos claros los principios del ser humano, es fácil expresarnos.
La poesía es un buen medio.
Muchas gracias por su visita @qmmanuel.
Que disfrute una linda tarde.

Definitely, you are of another level hahaha. Poems in English, that's too much for me XD!. They're so inspiring lines. Regards :D


And my heart feels a great rejoicing knowing that you liked the message.
Welcome always dear @rahesi.
A hug.

Beautiful!!! You created a space for a dream, that mirrors the world I choose to live in @armonia

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I am very happy with your words, friend @rensould17.
Thank you for being there, cheering.
With your permission, I leave you a fraternal hug.

Thanks for this free poem! Is good to see this beautiful words expressed with such kind in a structure that gives space to the contemporary (because of the free verses). I really enjoy it!


Yes, the feelings really rebel sometimes, about the rules. And they flow, they flow.
Thank you very much for your visit, friend @devinalivaudais.