Poem: Vampire Masquerade II

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Author's note: The following poem was published in Spanish language on October 19th, 2019. It is part of a four poem series named Vampire Masquerade. Enjoy!


Another night,

another masquerade,

another promise of eternal life.


I thought it would be one more

where our innocent victims

fall into our illusionary traps.

I thought it would be a boring night

of dance and blood.


But you appeared

under a golden and silver mask

with the strength of an Ancient

your hand wrapping my neck

to drink my blood.


Poisonous blood you are

and you proudly carry it

with no absolut shame 

about your condition

and with no care about my race's disdain.


You seduce me with no remorse

and without thinking you abandoned me

with your poison laid

inside me

and with tears wringing my pale cheeks.


A son is the only memory

I have from the Vampire Masquerade.

A son that I protect with my soul

hiding him from the world 

until you're back.

Source of the image: Pexels


Vampire Masquerade I 


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Very nice poem , wow

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Thank you for your kind words, @deep4! Greetings!

I am so into this genre. Very appropriate to your music selection.
And, I'm also familiar with the Role Playing Game too.

I've heard very good criticism about the game. I hope to play it one day. Greetings, @kerrislravenhill!

It's a well designed role playing game should you have the time and with others, a great read, and source of cool material for some of my fictional writing.

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