Warm Again (Haiku)

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I used to love haiku when I was sixteen. My sketching teacher would take us on little trips to the park and set us loose with pencil and a sketching pad. I often had a little notebook in my pocket, and one or two haiku would find their way onto paper.

Then, I still wrote in the 5-7-5 syllable pattern that we all know. And I wrote them in Dutch. If I can find some of them again, I have to translate them all. Without fixed-syllable pattern. Breath style, like @dbooster taught us over at The Writers' Block.

For now, you'll have to make do with this one. I wrote it for @dbooster's Haiku Contest. This week's theme was warm again. I was looking forward to spring, already. Longer days, green shoots on the trees, the first tulips and narcissus peering out from the earth. And then it snowed. We've had frost and snow and hard, cold ground all week. Darnit!

So this is the haiku I ended up with. Spring is a fickle mistress and when she leads, we've got no choice but to follow.

Let's hope the next part of the dance turns out to be a bit warmer.

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Both are nice. Winter needs to find a hobby. And stop hanging out.

It was getting warm again when I picked out that theme. I suppose I was too excited. Now we have had a week of bitter cold rain since then. D'oh

(which is better than my folks in the States. They have had a week of heavy snow after also getting a few spring-like days)

Yeah Spring fooled me too. Darnit. I'm over rain, snow and frost. :-(

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I'd like to hear this whole "one breath" theory! I feel like I kinda grasp it, but I'm not 100 percent.

You'll need to talk to @dbooster or check out the posts pinned in the renga room on The Block. You can find them in there.

Okay! Thank you! :D

The idea is simply that a haiku should be so short that it fits in a single breath. 17 syllables is far too long! I went over some of the idea in this post.

Aha! Thank you too!

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