My Phone's Freudian Slip (An Unintendedpoem)

in #poetry6 years ago (edited)

I love scrabble;
medical words rock.
None of my family
want to play it with me.
I know too many dictionary words.

At work we often play
creditable scrabble.
That's fun too.
Hilarious, even.


My phone changed it
and i didn't notice.

Freudian Scrabble
You must try it at least
once in your life.

by @TinyJazzyDahling


He did it a gain! Nothing you say is ever truly safe when @damianjayclay is around. He caught me by surprise. Again. And I love it, as usual.

I named my phone Asshat for a good reason. The members of my writing community are well acquainted with his antics and quirks. He insists on speaking French or German when I'm trying to type in Dutch or English. He keeps inventing new words while failing to recognise the most basic words, while inventing new and creative ones all the time.

It baffles me how he never fails to recognise a curse word. Even the curse I had to invent, that time I participated in a HardFork contest, is no problem for him. Motherflagging nanofucker. You'd think that's not included in a standard phone's dictionary, but Asshat's dictionary is truly something out of the ordinary. Just like his sense of humour.

This time, he turned a funny conversation into something even better, and of course @damianjayclay harvested it.

Thank you so, so much, @damianjayclay!



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Asshattery at it's finest. Love how he remembers a futuristic, invented cuss despite it all. (still love the term "nanofucker")

It's become my favourite curse. XD

hehehehe gotta love that bigbadbear ;)

i loved the unintended poetry!!!
but...I'm here on official pirate business ;)

remember on March 1 when I said I was gonna celebrate my 500th follower with all of the PYPT people who pimped their post that day?

I didn't forget ;) I was just out of the country for some time! hehehe now i'm back and tip! simple
enjoy!!!!!! :)

(by the way - the tip service seems to be lagging tonight - so hopefully it will be in your wallet by tomorrow morning!)

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