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As a species capable of comprehending their emotions, how has the world come to be as it is? We spend so much time focusing on what's different about each other, there's no time left to figure out what we have in common. We are drifting apart as a race and taking the planet with us. Aren't we obligated to one another, to Earth, and the greater good, or is birth, just the beginning of a slow death?



in the name
of god
we draw lines
in the sand
not meant
to be crossed
and we watch
people die
for the cause

more lines
more strife

is life meant
to define differences
you and i
is it
supposed to be
a fight to the death
or are we bound
by the basics
of humanity
do we all
not bleed red

poetry by: @thiscrazylife
in ink...we stain
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Good stuff, tired of borders myself.


preciate it. ya, there's got to be a better way.

This is a very powerful poem. Thanks for promoting peace.

Let the love shine through everyone. Let the love shine through.


thanks so much. too bad it has to be promoted, it should be the norm. let it shine let it shine...

This reminds me of Meowth's little speech near the end of the first Pokemon movie.

Which isn't an insult by the way, most of the Pokemon movies are weak in storytelling (to put it lightly), but that part I found genuinely touching.


my first comparison to pokemon lol i'll take it! now i'm gonna have to find the movie and check out that speech. thanks for stopping by.


Tracked down the exact words of what I was referring to, here it is:

We do have a lot in common.
The same air, the same Earth, the same sky.
Maybe if we started looking at
what's the same instead of
always looking at what's different,
...well, who knows?


wow! really similar. the world could be so simple, i just don't understand why it's not. thanks for sending that over.

Read it nice and slow this time 😀

I always use the phrase "It is simple" right before I put my foot down out of frustration and give an example of grotesque generalization as a means to solve something. But if they had any sense at all it would be simple to accomplish a basic set of rules that are not negotiable, enough of this superiority complex and we might all be able to say hey we do not need anyone above us since we have all ate the magic mushroom of logic and are perfectly capable of being good people... Timmy go pray in your house please you are pissing of Susan.


It's really not over generalizing it in my opinion. We should be able to come up with a standard way of treating each other. I don't understand why that's such a hard concept. Everyone would benefit. Susan kiss Jill in your house, your pissing Timmy off.