Picnic (A Zombie Bear Poetry/Sketch Collaboration)

in poetry •  9 months ago



April brought the dreams of summer,
days when we will pack a hamper,
lay out our blanket in the sun
and take a break from everyone.

We will savour all the fare,
bought from foreign grocers, share
each flavour and each moment while
we live a day vacation style.

And though this reverie has passed
to rain which drums the window's glass
Outside with you, my dreams remain,
together in idyllic June.

poem by @damianjayclay
artwork by @thinknzombie

Note: The amazing @damianjayclay now of (Zombiebear Productions) again wrote a poem based on a doodle I did while on a phone call the other day. He's making a habit of it. Thanks Bear for the poem!

Here's the crappy original image proving once again that poetry can improve anything.


-- @thinknombie

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Oh my word, I love the sepia version.


It's the only version I do like. It's amazing what sepia (and poetry) can do. ;-)

This is superb, both the artwork and the poem.

This is awesome - I love the drawings!

Here in this part of the world, this month of April, with its considerable level rainfall, is a dream come through for many who seem to have planted one thing or other.
Great poem @thinknzombie. Nice images and animation. The TWB does it have something to do with your username?


TWB is The Writers' Block community of writers and poets on discord.


Oh, great. Thanks.

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HAH! I love the note at the bottom.

This is so wonderful. It made my morning. I love collaborative work! And writing inspired by art, even if it's a sketch, is a joy to read, especially when it's as symbiotic as these combined works.

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