Morbidly Fat AF

in #poetry5 years ago

Flabby and flatulent greasy fingered foul fuck just got on the train
No tears wept for body shaming he's got himself to blame
Hands busy with his hula hoops as he waddles to his seat
Multiple scenario ill health outcomes, each one of them quite bleak

But priorities in order, fizzy pop must go down the gullet
Gasping for breath between gulps as he twidles with his mullet
An energy drink breakfast mixed with some greasy spoon muck
A pretty disgusting dough boy, repulsive by his look

I'm not concerned with solving it or what the answer is
Morbid intrigue has consumed me, can't believe it's come to this
Gunk all washed down with a grotesque looking liquid dinner
By the hairs on my chin this pigs not getting any thinner

As previously pointed out, my concern is not that he should make himself slim
And anyway, for this guy, the solutions are beyond a few trips to the gym
If he feels real true happiness, then no one should hold it against him
I'm simply pointing out that the outlook is grave and beyond grim

And for those who take the position of being a victim and oppressed
Need a mirror and a long look before their cardiac arrest

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