Dreams and Visions of SatoriD: Art Collection Vol. 3

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mind-bending reality emerge

Dreams bursting through the seams
We code our reality with our dreams

All life, energy, and matter as it is today, is part
of one vast unchanging network of relationships which
can be traced back to time out of time or the everywhen

Before the dawn of the mind,
everything was the Dreaming,
It still is, but perception collapsed
the Dreaming into Space/Time,
fixed position atoms and
the world we now see and know

A Dream within a Dream is
what it all seems to be

Some Dreams will never end
Some Realities will never begin
And somethings will only be in poems


Last month I posted Dreams and Visions of SatoriD: Art Collection Vol. 1, where I shared and began to understand the evolution of my collages and poetry. As I continue to share this journey with you, you might also want to check out Dreams and Visions of SatoriD: Art Collection Vol. 2.

It was a really amazing process of looking back and kind of pieces together a mosaic of expression. It all started off as images for poetry and blogs, then after a while its collages that lead to poetry. Now that I have a meta-view of my own chaotic creative process, I start to see things emerge and started to have a better creative flow.

A quick breakdown on what this Art Collection is all about:

The Chaos & Creations of the Weird: Art Collection is my collection of Dreamtime collages, they contain Burroughs inspired cut-ups, remix and bootleg surrealism; the editing is experimental & shamanic; the setting most times psychedelic and exquisite; and the narrative involves poetic identity dissolution, mirrors, quotes, labyrinths of infinite reflection and the Dreamtime.

As a general process of reading something (I really enjoy) I take notes, writing down on a piece of paper whatever quote that glimmers to my mind's eye. I usually just have a stack of notes laying around, never really knowing why until that strange moment when the creations of the weird sing to me, some kind of reverse Déjà vu.

Sidenote: Maybe its time that we put some music on. Here's what I was listening to when editing and putting together this post: Noname - Telefone (Full Album)

Dreams and Visions of SatoriD #22

There is a deep nature
That no one can see
A Different world in there

Try to stretch out but can’t be reached
Try to grasp but it falls through
Try to think but that's the moment it collapses

Darkness engulfs
All vision and sound

The heavy vibration of eternity
The formlessness of Infinity
The void and self
Are one and same

Dreams and Visions of SatoriD #23

A treasure map to obscure tomes
full of flights of creative imagination
filled with fascinating details
of history and disembodied poetics.

finding jewels of insight in
the cave of run-on sentences

Dreams and Visions of SatoriD #24

I am acting as a map maker, an explorer of psychic areas,
a cosmonaut of inner space, and I see no point
in exploring areas that have already been thoroughly surveyed

who sleeps in your skin? who thinks in your mind?

translating the connections between words and images

time in images, with the inner voice silent

Extraordinary experience, and one that will carry over into dreams.
When you start thinking in images, without words, you're well on the way

who sleeps in your mind? who thinks in your skin?

Dreams and Visions of SatoriD #25

I may have taken more shrooms than I meant to
And I am staring at a clock, wishing I had more time
But I know that time is an illusion here, and
I wonder what it is I am really worried about

Death does not scare me Every day,
I know that this could be my last as
I count down the seconds on my second chance

History is ending, History is ending
History is the nightmare from which I am trying to awaken

trying to escape from into dream
The dream is eternity. The dream is
zero time and outside of history.

We wish to escape into the dream.
We wish to escape into infinity

Escape. Escape from the planet,
from death, from habit, and from the problem,
if possible, of the Unspeakable.

making a list of demands,
writing them on the palm of my hands,
on how to connect to the forgotten
unity beyond the tick tock of time

Dreams and Visions of SatoriD #26

Language is a virus from Outerspace, and these words have been stuck in (inner)space for far too long, now is the time, to purge all the forgotten dreams, lost ideas and broken feelings

I got all these Ideas swirling around, and swimming around my consciousness, the trouble seas of the ocean of possibilities, fragments of dreams cause glitches of reality, half-spoken truths cause broken hearts of yesteryear

Thoughts are thought What's said is said I thought that before you said it I didn't mean to think out loud My tongue slipped but who let it? Let it be, let me be, let me go, nah let IT out

where does our head exist? our head obviously exists 'inside' the 'external universe' and 'outside' our brain which contains the model of the 'external universe' we never see or experience the 'external universe' directly, and only see our model of it, we only perceive our head as part of the model, which exists inside us.

Dreams and Visions of SatoriD #27

Connecting us all like a neon beam, straight through the seams of consciousness, the infinite mandala of mirrors, masks, reflection and deflection of perception, time and the self Can you see, dear one, that tricks are for cosmic giggles?

A Dream within a Dream is what it all seems to be My whole life can be dissolved down to a single grain of sand On the shores of perception, At the sea of possibilities crashes and collapse into reality

Dreams and Visions of SatoriD #28

The Disembodied Poetics of Perception,
The Raw Feed of Reality and The Disinherited Mind.

All being is ungrounded
All energy is unbounded
All of life is Infinite (All non-life is Eternal)

Information is liberating but its also a distraction

how seriously are we to take this obligation
to follow this shamanic thread back into time?
it is a matter of saving our own souls.
And somehow, the artists need to recover this sense of mystery.

Infinite Reflection, Chaos and Transformation
The Only Magic Left is Art.

Dreams and Visions of SatoriD #29

The human imagination is almost an extension of the visual faculty. Imagination is something that one beholds, the imagination is actually a kind of window onto realities not present. A future that might be. It is taking the raw data of experience and giving it, a maladaptive spin. Program or be programmed, Hacking possibilities.

By slicing into messages of McKenna from books, images, articles & lectures, mind-bending coincidences emerge that otherwise would have remained invisible

Where is the imagination appropriate? It is most appropriate in the domain of human, creativity. That in fact separating art from imagination is simply the exercise of separating, cause from effect. Art, sculpture, poetry, painting, dance is like the footprint of where the imagination has been. its not about the process, the process is about making, being, the act of creation.

What the rest of us have been left with is, a husk, a tracing, something left behind which says “Imagination was here, imagination acted in this place," and this is, this is what it left.

The great bridge between art and science that was supposedly built in the 20th century hinged on “What is the imagination?” is a different way of asking the same question “What is the origin of consciousness?”

There is below the ordinary surface of space and time, ruled by relativistic physics there is this strange domain of instantaneous connectivity of all matter, of all phenomena. It raises the possibility then that the imagination is, in fact, a kind of, organ of perception. Not an organ of creative, of unfoldment, but actually an organ of perception. And what is perceived in the imagination is that which is not local and never can be.

Dreams and Visions of SatoriD #30

Voices from the edge, translating the connections between words and images

time in images, with the inner voice silent

Extraordinary experience, and one that will carry over into dreams. When you start thinking in images, without words, you're well on the way

Carefully memorize the meaning of a passage, read it without the words' making any sound whatever in the mind's ear.

the wordless state, it's the evolutionary trend think for any length of time in images, with the inner voice silent the wordless state so desirable


Techno-exegesis, The alchemical fire
Notes from the trenches of hyperspace
Traveling on the Invisible Landscape

Angelheaded hackers, chew on
peyote streaming vision of yage
Sasha giving birth to 2CB
The dawn of blocks on imaginal chains

Calling all reactive agents
Calling all digital agents
Calling all cosmic agents

Reality in fits, and bits,
We code our reality
Reality codes us

We Are the agents
I've come to free the perception

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