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Made on Canva. Image source: Sweetlouise on Pixabay


please let me go
don't hold me back
bobbing up and down
as if nothing matters

I too have
places to go
friends to meet
mistakes to make

I was made to brave
this storm--but you
tie me to your fate
please let me go

~ canoe


About this poem

This poem is written based on a thought-provoking prompt for the TWB Poetry Contest 6:
"A small canoe tied to a pier, bobbing in the water under almost stormy skies." #twbpoetrycontest

But it is also written as a response to some things I have experienced lately. People I have met, situations I have been made aware of, that make my heart brake because of the resilience these young people show in the face of large storms. And how they are tied back by a system that is supposed to help them. It is a harsh world, in which I would like that canoe to be able to brave the storm on their own. Because a rope can have many different functions. Let's make sure it is not used to tie people to a place their cannot flourish.


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You keep me taut,
my two ends dry

without your prow
to hold in knots

I fear I'd sink
far out of sight

p.s. i <3 you

There's always two sides to any relationship haha. I know you said that the rope represents being held back by the powers that be, but, well, I just felt sorry for it and got inspired ;) Thanks for the great read and best of luck in the contest!

but you
tie me to your fate

this poem as a small picture reflective of a big picture world is one of the aspects that most attracts me to poetry - pieces that live in the context of their moment and world.

Thanks Carmalain. It's also what attracts me to poetry, although I'm normally more about the abstract stuff, but @damianjayclay has been teaching me and now I'm not sure I can ever fully go back to the abstraction I love as well... Well, maybe it'll pass, but I'm very happy you like what I'm trying to do.

Your poetry invites all of us to hear the sounds of canoe. I guess its means reflection 'human needs the freedom'
By the way, I have poetry for the contest. Maybe you want to give me feedback. Thanks

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