Poem about you!

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Once upon a time...
On the seashore...
On a cloudy day...
Sea told me...

You are infinite!
You are everything in nothingness...
You are gold!
In a muddy jungle...
You are love!
In a warrior soul...
You are light!
In a dark place...
You are kindness!
In a empty world...
You are hope!
In a silent walk...
You are color!
In black and white!
You are fire!
In the endless rain!

You are beauty!
You are compassion!
You are kindness!
You are...
You really are!

Smile and embrace yourself!
Believe in you and conquer the world! You are the world!
Break your own limits and succeed!

You are both endless power and love!


personal text and photo
This photo was taken on the Black Sea shore


Nayyirah Waheed-esque... Not sure... feels like it.

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Great Poetry 😍

Thank you, I really appreciate! 🍭

Yeah, that's me alright... and you, and you, aaand you... :-)

Every me and every you☀

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Very nice words, thank you :)

Thank YOU💌

What a wonderful day to be me. Thank you

Thank YOU✺

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Fabulous photo and a wonderful poem! Splendid work! 😊

Thank you, I really appreciate! you are so kind💞

very positive things in this poem.

Magic dust🌟

You are endless potential, mama earth screams that to is in whispers and it's up to us to listen and hear. Beautiful piece... 💯🆙✨

We are one!
Thank you very much 🍃

Well done seeing the positive through the negatives in life. Be well @nature.art

@nature.artThanks for sharing, it is quite motivational. we can accomplish greater things if we believe in our self. @theheralds