STEEMIT HAIKU CONTEST # WEEK 22: (Original Contest)

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STEEMIT HAIKU CONTEST Make Haikus Great Again!


In Japanese Style...

Created by Moonlee & Dedicated To All Haiku Fans...



1... Upvote this post and resteem it...
(The more the merrier... to win Free
SBD/Steem to become Dolphins and Whales).

2... Write a Haiku consisting of three lines about any topic of your choice

3... Your first line must be Only 5 syllables, no more or less...
(For example: Steemit is the best)

4... Your second line must be Only 7 syllables, no more or less...
(For example: Minnows will become the whales)

5... Your third and final line must be Only 5 syllables, no more or less...
(For example: We all can inspire)

6... You can use up to 2 images/gifs maximum for your Haiku Entry

7... Submit your valid Haiku poem entry as a comment posted down below on this post

(Only one Entry per person)

8... Your entry isn't required to be titled, but a good title does help

9... You must submit your entry by Saturday 31th, March, 2018 11:59pm UK, London GMT (before midnight before Sunday), anyone commenting after this time will not qualify to win

10... Winners will be selected and announced on a new post on Sunday 1st, April 2018

11... This contest runs from Sunday to Sunday, so feel free to enter right now

12... Remember to have fun

Judging Gavel.jpg


1... I and @Verbal-D will be judging the entries based on originality, creativity, and clever-wittiness

2... Here is an original example Haiku Poem written by me, @moonleesteem

Bald Head

He still had his smile
Although he was losing his
Hairs... to find wisdom

3... Here is an original example Haiku Poem written by @verbal-d

One Last Puff

Smoking in his bed
His tired eyes gave away
Dreams in bed ablaze...

@Verbal-D was one of the first Steemians to popularize Haikus on Steemit...


Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 17.35.50.png

Hooray... SBD & STEEM is worth more now

1st Place:


2nd Place:


3rd Place:


This contest is now sponsored by @verbal-d and the lovely and kind @soldier, and they support good projects, want to strengthen our community, and give back to our poets. We are grateful for their contribution and commitment to us.

Our Tip to check your Syllables and make that Perfect (Freestyle) Haiku ( 5-7-5)...
This is the site me and @verbal-d used to check all the entries.
So now you know our Secret...

Thank You all for making this Contest
a big Success.
In making Haikus great again

Would you like to support this contest as a sponsor so that the winning prizes can be more rewarding?
Please contact @moonleesteem on or reach me in the comments section below for more info.

Thank you all again and I'll see you in the next post.
All Gifs used from
Peace and Greetings from @Moonleesteem

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Hello @moonleesteem, my entry this week.


With their swords for tongues,
they pierced my soul with more guilt
than the sin itself

Welcome @gamsam,
Cool... Good Luck 👍

A masterpiece...

Your eyes seem heavy
I have laid your bed, come sleep
When you are ready


Source: Pixabay

Welcome @julietisrael,
Cool... Good Luck 🍀

thank you

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Thank you... we appreciate it... 🤓

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Hurts but never show

This pain you will never know

Dumped and forgotten

Welcome @ahna8911,
Cool... Good Luck 🍀

Welcome @tarsivy,
Cool... Good Luck 👍

Poets re- unite

Ya boi Verbal D is dope

Scotty: The best host

Title: Steemit State of Mind by Two Triple O

Welcome @twotripleow,
Cool 😎...Good Luck 👍

  ·  last year (edited)

Appreciate that!

Hi @moonleesteem! Good day, here's my entry for this week. Thank you very much for this awesome contest! :)♥


The essence of time
Be mine, forever divine
Mystery of time!


Pixabay Photo

Welcome @leahlei,
Cool... Good Luck 🍀

images (3).jpeg

Crumbs of bread scattered
Little droplets of water
Hope to the hungry.

Welcome @prayzz,
Cool... Good Luck 👍



The neglected child,
Treated like old furniture,
Alone in darkness.

Welcome @puppetmaster1111,
Cool... Good Luck 🍀


All the world bursting
New life surging electric
Veins awake from cold.

(Image & poem by @heatherthebard)

Welcome @heatherthebard,
Cool... Good Luck 🍀


My entry sir:



Here, kissing this sky,
I shall become them; fine stars,
Looking down at earth.

Welcome @divineinyang,
Cool... Good Luck 🍀

Thanks a million..

r u n.jpeg


R U N distress?
silence falls - sinking feeling
I say to you, RUN!

Welcome @millennialnow,
Cool... Good Luck 👍


New Bloom(magazine)-05-2.3.001-bigpicture_05_7.jpg

Trampled by all. Found
and loved by his tender hands,
she became chef-d'oeuvre.

Welcome @rexsanguis,
Cool... Good Luck 👍

My entry:

Quo vadimus?

In a world gone mad
A sole question I shall ask
Where are we going?


Welcome @hoperimmel,
Cool... Good Luck 🍀

Dangerous Heroism

Sometimes to save lives
You must be willing to risk
Losing yours one day...

Welcome @mordiki,
Cool... Good Luck 👍


Her eyes can not see

But she can feel many things

So she enjoys life

Welcome @pelusa,
Cool... Good Luck 👍



When I saw your face,
Oceans and heaven collide
And yeah, I love you.

Welcome @jssll,
Cool... Good Luck 🍀

Hello @moonleesteem,

Thank you for this contest, I am trying Haiku for my second time. These are great exercises so much appreciated!

Here is my official entry:


Original Link


Ancient lantern lives
bringing warmth and light to all
crying for daylight.

Photographer: @eaglespirit.
Location: Chinatown, San Francisco

Respectfully submitted, @eaglespirit

Welcome @eaglespirit,
Cool... Good Luck 🍀

Thank you so much!

He Took The Cross

Slow, heavy breathing

"Is the world worth dying for?"

Still, He took the cross.

Please check out the original post here

Welcome @lyxng,
Cool... Good Luck 🍀

Unheard Words

If I was a fly
On your cold wall... I would hear
What you think of me

Welcome @mayliberty,
Cool... Good Luck 🍀

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