"My heart was opened "

in #poetry5 years ago


When I visited
I discovered decently,
the corners of Dominican Republic.
Every day
I was more and more
In love with him.
I talked about love,
about happiness,
He was talking about marriage

Now among the living
I died because of love,
I opened my heart and soul in front of him.

I hope you have enjoyed !!!

Thank you for visiting and support my work. My heart is deeply appreciate .


Copyright © 2017 by margaretwise , All Rights Reserved


nice ; beautiful

The photo generates the peace that the words have woven. Superb wording on your poetry.

I love it.


Thank you very much for your precious words.

beautiful poetry friend, success always.

Great poetry , do you know Elya abi Madi? i think you will love his poetry:)
thanks for sharing

Thank you. I will check his poems :)

I just see the beauty at this corner of the rock, the water is quite blue, looks very beautiful.

Thank you. I am glad that you like it ;)

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Nice poetry and your photography.... beautiful nature’s creation....

Thank you so much my dear ;)

I always enjoy the way you put words together! Lovely poem.

I am so appreciate my dear :)

great nature,my dear friend @margaretwise,beautiful photograph,thank you for sharing with us,,

dominica feels proud of you and poem too.

Oh thank you :)

Great poetry dear 😊 the photography is also beautiful.

I am so appreciate :)

i think,,this poetry express your feeling of heart..

Beautifully expressed in words this is so lovely :)

Thank you my dear ;)

Hi Margaret!

I organized a small party)))) May I invite you to my virtual Exhibition?

That,s the ticket

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