FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt)

in poetry •  4 months ago

Touch Starved, Sleep Deprived
Is This What Has Become of Life?

Former Glory, Slowly Fading
Mind Finds No Rest, Self Debating

Did This All Happen All to Be
Another Failure, As it Seems

The Psyche Swells With Thoughts of Doom
Gasping for Some Place, a Home, a Room
Where Work and Play May Once Resume
The Head Transcribes a Tale of Gloom

Take Me Down, Revive My Soul
Only Then This Life is Worth The Toll
Still Have Much To Finish, Succeed
The Mind Sabotaged By Fear and Greed

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Greetings, @klye,

Please pardon this 'off-topic' comment as coming from a Steemian who has followed and supported you with my witness vote for a long, long time.

I'm here to ask: When do you plan to adopt Steemit condenser version 19.10?

I encourage you to update your witness node to 19.10 at the earliest possible opportunity, so that its much needed and long awaited features might be released as soon as possible for our use and enjoyment.

Thank you kindly in advance for your prompt action in expediting this matter.

Your supporter,





Hey man. No worries for the "off topic" sir, you know me, I'm generally easy going. Unless if course you catch me on an off day and are being a right asshat, in which case I get a wee bit testy.

Appreciate the question and heads up on the matter. To be entirely honest I'm a bit behind on catching up on STEEM related stuff and will look into the matter and upgrade if the software looks good to go stability wise as well as is the best interest of the Steem community. <3


Thanks, @klye, for your kind response.

I hear you
I feel you

I like the ominousity of this poem, it gives the picture of how one would feel within the clasps of Fudders.

Been thinking of you ❤ Great to see you and hear your angle. Lotsa luv bruhv 🗻 Hugs!! ...everything's gonna be okay.

Ha! Hopefully that FUD feeling is starting to subside now that BTC looks to be breaking out again!

I always look forward to your post @klye

OMG Klye , I just started using steemit and somehow you appeared to me the first haha
I remember our old days in bitvest , hope everything is going good bro
it's SyGambler btw


Good to see you made it to the promised Land my friend.

@klye, sorry to see you have less Steem Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Minnow!

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RIP dolphin-KLYE

Reclaim your thrown. When you find yourself in a hole, dig yourself to china.