PARADOX ON PLAIN PAPER (An Original Poetry ➕ Poetic Analysis, Notes & Literary Appreciations) 📝

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Yesterday's enigma is the future's incertitude
crawling forward but losing altitude
in mist of misty murk, drought still magnifies
broken chalices with humility
stands edified in simplicity
but ruins and smoking embers
were empires with egotist beauty.
fact is fiction
to die is but eternal life
in places of grief dwells tranquility

Pen pure paradox on paper
life is a parody, hallucination is reality
a lampoon bamboozled
like a satire married to a quagmire
fiery furnace fizzling with calmness
a burning photo brings out elegance
for in the ashes is true aesthetics
a fading reverie ushers remembrance
of mundane flowers with sweet fragrance.

The world is empty to the brim
forlorn faces overflowing with naught
silent nights but noisy chatters
shallow whimpering yet deep pandemonium
delighting in the vanity
but weeping in freedom
a carcass of petals, omen of danger
betrayal in friends
but mortgage the soul to strangers

Put the puppeteer in strings
and let the puppet navigate the oars
life is a comedy that stings the eyes
with avalanche of flowing fountain
but we thirst even in riverine mountains
applauding the demise of joy
solely to glory in dreary story
paradox on paper, unreality in this realm






Life's enigmatic outcome makes everything in the universe believable just like when it's said The egg is the father of the cock in normal statement this definitely seems absurd and ridiculous but in a much more deeper perspective it's definitely true. The poem mirrors a sarcastic approach, using humor to tell a very unbelievable fact about the essence of life, making use of oxymoron and antithesis to portray the paradox of life which is definitely visible but yet hidden to man's reality.

The poem envisages the truth about life stanza one and two explains the fact that life is only as empty but not as it seems but as it thoughtfully looked at, it points out the fact that despite baking in riches man is lacking true riches and that's why at the ending stage of their life they discover that everything they've acquired may not even be able to buy them a second life. It envisages the fact true remorse is only when salvation becomes too late, memories are only remembered when it seems the people we hold them of are dying. It points out that others misfortunes gladdens the heart, especially a rival, and their success brings pain to the heart.

The poem is a tragic reality, one that pulls out the darkness in the depth of mankind's consciousness, it explains total truth in what people may see as a facade.



Written, edited & analysed

By @Josediccus


"Steemian Mantra"

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