Poetry Speaks: 3 Steps

in #poetry3 years ago (edited)

I stare at the barrel of truth's gun
Foolishly, without missing a blink
Head-on, I calmly face the terror
The light of truth is dark

Tears proclaim the valor
Of fear, breeding strength
A light in the darkness
Flickers but never disappears

Three steps to freedom
I stare at my weary feet
One, brazen stupidity
Two, skittish resolve

I look back to the light
Calling out in bleak waves
"I see you, brother"
"I hear you!"

Pour my soul into the wind
A cup of water in the ocean
A million eyes see
A million eyes look away

Sandstorm to bury my woes
Blizzard to numb the senses
I stare beyond my weary feet
One step to freedom

I refused the offer

Tired of drifting at sea? The Isle of Write welcomes thee!


Photo credits to pexels


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Thank you so much, msp-curation! :)

Stunning words. So sad but moving

Thank you. I found comfort in this piece as I wrote it with a heavy heart. Glad you enjoyed it.

This wistful, almost romantic tone makes it seem so beautiful, but the ending is where the real peace rests.

As I was making this poem, I was looking for a different finish but around midway, the piece took its own form and demanded I follow its will. :)
I'm glad I did.

This last line is a doozy, Isagani!

I really like how you build everything, the physical the emotional and the strain of it all, to this precipice that the narrator is standing on.

Then, after 4 line stanzas bring us to the climactic moment, you drop that last line separated out because it knows how great it is.

Thank you for sharing, mate, a fun one for sure.

Like @geekorner said yesterday.

We think it beautiful.
We call it poetry.

Thank you for the help with this piece. :)

Very nice poetry, I can see you touching many lives with your work.

Respectfully yours,

Jacob A. Billett, M.B.A
Steem Ambassador
CEO Billett Enterprises, Inc.


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you are write beautiful =)

Thank you, friend. :)

keep up with the talent that was a great poem

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