This poem just made my ex girlfriend call me four times... (The Angel Vampire's Kiss)steemCreated with Sketch.

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Literally 20 minutes after publishing this poem, I got four calls from her on my number.

Some strange kind of power that this poem possesses ✨ to make her call after more than a year of not talking or seeing each other..


[shakes it off]

Here's the poem.


The Angel Vampire's Kiss

"How did you fall in love at all?
You took my heart and risked it all.
How was it that I gave you life?
When life itself would come to halt..

You saw my soul for what it was,
Dripping black romantic love.
You wished each night to be set free,
But freedom’s only there above..

We had our laughs and heart-felt talks,
And stardust spliffs behind the rocks.
Then you proved you’ve mastered fear,
And so My dear your time was near..

No longer could I hold my thirst,
Immersed in curing human curse.
I kissed your neck and let you slip,
Lost grip - you bled against the dirt..

How did you fall in love at all?
You knew you would not last at all.
An angel quite so well disguised,
I killed you, took your soul to skies."


I wish it were easy for me to just ask her what about this poem encouraged her to call me. I'm afraid that at this point, the answer will remain a mystery.

❤ Both gifs from GIPHY

Click here for prints of "The Angel Vampire's Kiss" and here to see it on the WhereIsMyUniverse (WIMU) blog. Thanks for droppin' by!



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This poem hit home for me. Quite beautiful and very powerful as well. I hope you answered one of those 4 calls :)

Phazed (the person who made that last gif you posted), is my favorite artist. He has such incredible stuff. Have you seen some of his other work? here's his tumblr if you're curious.


Thanks Lauren! Glad you connected with the poem :)
No calls answered! It's not meant to be for us. Our history is a little complicated to say the least 😅

Love Phazed! I know him through his instagram page.

Have a lovely Friday!

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Bring on the upgoats!

Lovely poem! Your words are powerful and passionate. Raw emotion makes poetry come to life. This was an excellent read. <3

This somehow reminds me of myself and my own poetry. It also reminds me of a Tarot reading I did awhile back. The reading was for myself. It was about my relationship at the time. Full of pain, but there was still life. Lovely memories. Haha. Thank you for posting. <3

Beautiful poem man, please post more poetry on here, this piece was glorious! No wonder it made your ex call you. :)

Read it all. Nicely written, it looks like it took some time and had some good thoughts put into it :)
I think it is one of those ones I will need to read again this afternoon, and take it in again and try see what it does to me. Sometimes poems do that to me, I attempt to write them from time to time. If you reply to this this evening, ill be back to read it over again :D


Thank you very much! Yeah it took a few hours to write up. Pretty satisfied with the end result, and glad you connected with it :)

Poetry does have a strange power indeed...