revive the cabbage

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my visions like to trick me.
are we living out fantasies, sick and magnificent;
are we on a stage in an absurd theatre,
or in one of those hipster participatory experimental production?
this all just feels like a dream.
no matter how hard we try to wake up,
we remain in this trapped set.

so comrades, let's dream on.
dream a dream in a dream of a dream.

we need cues. to draw closer, and closer to the truth.
our unreliable memory, plagued by the daily grind,
dilute the raw emotions we felt.
but cues, we find cues everywhere,
to bring us back to that very same moment,
when we least expect it.

  1. i intend to be more humble, considerate and sharing. it's funny how people with nothing to lose, give the most.
  2. are you aware of all the perceptible worlds, both inner and outer? call me delusional. call me a hopeless romantic. call me an eternal optimist who doesn't know when to stop dreaming. but i can't reiterate enough what thoreau once said, our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.
  3. we have to be responsible for our own happiness and sadness.
  4. in gratitude i start my days. in gratitude i end my days.

why is there a craving for rock and soul music now? as much as artificial ecstasies take you to planes you didn't know existed, when emotions are evoked organically, they are all the more precious. because they are not short cuts. they may not be as intense, but they are. because they are real. built upon layers and layers of trust. this spring, i rediscovered the kind of connections humans are capable of making. time and effort are the building blocks, let's keep working on that. open your heart. connect. let us draw closer to each other and make fun while we're at it.


very nice divagation :) I really like it. I totally agree with the need for more organic influence :)

so good

Great poetry. Keep up the great work.You deserve for Vote.Please check my post.

Great post , thank you for sharing Upvoted & Followed

This is truly an amazing piece of writing. "Why is there a craving for rock and soul music now" - that really hit me - because it is so! people are craving more "REALality" - it is sad really, the state of puppetry we have been brought to.

We need more people to spread messages like yours. More authenticity. People that are actually AWAKE!

Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL words.

I wrote a piece earlier today, expressing my "fed up" state of being judged by society, which I thought you might be able to relate to...

Would love your thoughts on it.

Lovely to have stumbled on your post. have upvoted and followed and I look forward to more of your passion x

Like your poetry , Thanks for sharing. Following you.

Yes!! The Last Airbender!! Cabbages!! 🤣

My kids are actually just watching this (again) as we speak. It's so good.

Uhm.. Wow haha! Accurate at least lol

Beginning of your post makes me think of the Matrixx :)
But you summed up some true things about happiness.
Thanks for the nice post!

lovely this is nice

very beautyful verse, I like it @honeybee

I have seen so much twisted stuff on my esoteric practices that people nowadays cant cope with.. But i really hope society starts to wake up faster otherwise humanity will remain supressed.

Cheers for the article, nice to see wake people.. Il give you a follow brother, just so i can see some meaningful stuff here.

thanks bro, followed ya back

Who would've thought that cabbage would be this romantic. :)

i share your sentiments on this, raw emotion is something that can increasingly become lost in urban noise of a virtually ever-connected yet detached physical world.

very nice I shared it @shrestharam

Nice poetry agreed with your thoughts.

"Are we on a stage in an absurd theatre?" Yes. It's absurd because we are simultaneously the players, the reviewers, and the general audience. It's a theatre because "all the world's a stage," as Shakespeare opined.

great. i loved your poetry thanks for sharing.
keep up the great work
stay blessed

Es poesia alternativa?

Very interesting post

Excellent post.

This is really good. Well done.

This is my photo? 😏

It appears we have used the same picture from pixabay..

Thakn you for poesy

This is a lovely post. You made me laugh with the 'hipster experimental production'! I also agree 100% that we are responsible for our own happiness AND our sadness. It took me a while to really understand this, but it is so powerful when you do. Cheers!

Great poetry! Love to read more from you :D
Thanks you for sharing!

Beautiful poetry good work continue like this

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