just calm down

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shaking hands, dipped in cold water.
shuffling feet, chasing double deckers.
flailing arms, endlessly searching for something to hold onto.
the restlessness has come into town.
you know, sometimes, you just get so restless.
without any of your intention.
as if your body is rebelling, screaming at you.
running wild, every single pore is gasping for some action.
you feel like you want to tear down a building,
and make one up from scratch.
you feel like you want to read every single book in the library,
and burn them afterwards.
you feel like you want to throw snowballs at strangers,
and go horse-riding.
you feel like you want to bungee-jump,
and take up cooking lessons.
you feel like you want to hop on a spaceship,
and launch yourself into the outer space...


where is this agitation coming from?
getting annoyed for no reason?
or maybe there is a reason.
but i'm just refuting it.
my pent-up frustrations, collected subconsciously every day,
are starting to surface.
and the only way to clear my mind is to put them down in words.
what are these issues that are bothering me?
i find myself so reckless at times.
sometimes, i just don't know who i am anymore.
my desires are all jumbled up.
is this what i really want?
or did i just buy myself into this illusion?
perhaps the agitation stems from having expectations,
and then people failing to achieve them.
is life about give and take?
perhaps it's when we forget about taking,
and focus on giving,
do we really find the meaning of life.
i'm still finding myself.
wandering day after day,
seeking this unknown element,
gaining strength and training for this marathon of life.

i need peace of mind.
i need a cup of tea.
a cup of darjeeling tea,
and a box of rose macaroons from laduree paris...


we don't own anyone.
nobody owns us.
only you can own yourself.
but be wary - don't build walls around yourself.
you'll end up trapping yourself.

we gotta be free and let others be free to be happy...

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Nicely done! I like this effect with restless town getting silent by the evening

Nice poem👍

when i started to read poems of famous poets like byron shelly herbert marvell, i didn't feel so good. it feels their poem goes over my head, so i thought i might just hate poems. but here i found some wonderful writers whose poems are so easy and heart touching, and i realized that i don't hate poems. your poetry is one of that kind. btw, i love emily dickinson's poems.

@honeybee thanks for sharing this poem..
i love the flows
"we don't own anyone.
nobody owns us.
only you can own yourself.
but be wary - don't build walls around yourself.
you'll end up trapping yourself.""we gotta be free and let others be free to be happy..."

thanks for making our day so complete when reading your amazing poem..
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freedom is peace of mind with God also

Oh wow.. That's some deep stuff.

Talk soon.

Wow, powerful poem.
Thank you for the share.
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Hola me gusta mucho cómo creaste el post todo como si fuera una caja de código. Saludos

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@honeybee My heart goes out to you and anyone struggling with depression. I struggled with it for years. But I don't anymore. Here are things I did to eliminate it: forgave myself and others for all of the "wrongs" committed in my life (realized that everyone is doing the best that they can under the circumstances); stopped having expectations and being attached to certain outcomes; did everything in my power to shift my thoughts from negative to positive and better yet, learned to quiet the mind chatter altogether; got out in nature and exercised every single day; became a vegetarian and ate healthier; stopped drinking alcohol. It took years of inner work and determination, but I am now one of the most positive people around. I, too, use my writing as a healing tool. Always have and always will. Been writing nearly every day for years. You too can totally be free from depression.

graciously received. I over think a lot of things, leading to feelings of being trapped in a labyrinth of the mind. as I try to answer questions, more will surface. there's nothing inherently disdain with my life, in-fact it's quite good. i lead a healthy lifestyle, have no financial deterrents, have supportive friends and family and even very rewarding hobbies. negative thoughts rarely consume my mind, if they do, they are like black holes and my fear is to enter and then never leave.

@honeybee Believe me, I understand overthinking. I used to have a very active mind and do nothing but think. But I stopped listening to it. I know thoughts can lie but feelings never do. So I just lovingly ignored it and went with my feelings. My mind is now, for the most part, blissfully quiet.

Hi friend this is very interesting story. I like this post. Thanks for sharing this post
Good luck

thanks. I was sad to hear about lauralemons today, I have struggled with similar clinical depression my whole life as well. writing and poetry has been/is my sanctuary.

Nice Poem bro...

Mental illness is real. It takes long-term commitment to deal with it, which is what I am gathering from your poem.

spot on. the chemistry concocted in our bodies feel impossible to control, that is why I have struggled with a fair deal of mental illness myself over the years. finding a healthy passion and putting your soul into it seems to curb the recurring symptoms, never quite goes away though.


Personally, I started healing properly with regard to my angers issues when I started on meds, from my psychiatrist and then psychotherapy with my psychologist. It's a long-term commitment I've been putting in my effort for.

For anyone reading this: Seek help from a professional. They can do wonders.

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cheers. you have quite an "odd" blog. maybe share a bit of your passion?

Real freedom isn't sthg we learned at school. The system of matter wants you to be powerful and competitive , so you can lose the real goal of improving yourself via respect . If you succeed to that then respecting other people and their 'space' would be easy . Thanks for posting this. resteem - follow

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Beautiful piece... So easy to connect with.

This post was very informative thank you for sharing LOVE IT

It's our souls trying to escape these dirty bodies of ours as we only stuff

Wow! It felt like I could live the poem! Its really great!

Great poem :) Love it!

"we don't own anyone.
nobody owns us.
only you can own yourself.
but be wary - don't build walls around yourself."

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Nicely done! Please check out my latest poem. First bit of poetry on Steemit :)


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@honeybee I too am a poet and i appreciate your hard work for writing such a beautiful poem. Hope you might also see my rap @jayprakash as more are coming soon.