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As a forward to this eerily bizarre poem I will credit the origins of the story. Years ago I was in a band with some colleagues. One day while we were practicing, our bassist told me about a crazy dream that he remembered. It started with him waking up to the sound of somebody trying to break in to his apartment by drilling out the lock and continued through some other bizarre events. I took the story and worked it into one of our most popular songs. The chords are Am-C-E-C in case you want to play along. Enjoy!

Still dark when I awake to a sound that makes my body shake
And as I lay quiet, listening to a sound that makes my belfry ring
I hear the sound intensify...I wonder if it's in my mind?
So I try and struggle to arise and discover what the shadows hide

I'm ready for the fight; you must kill someone to stay alive
Hand shaking, with a knife as my vision tries to pierce the knight
I fumble for the light but it will not shine on to my sight
And in the shadows hide the demons that I keep inside

But as I peer around, I find myself on muddy ground
And with my back against a barn, a pack of swamp dogs aim to harm
I try to find escape, but the dogs are biting at my legs
And so I surrender, to my fate, as my body finally awakes

Dead steady, fierce with might, opposition in my daily plight
Yet with my head held high I invoke upon the warrior's cry
Your dreams and visions tied, may they guide you through the maze of life
Don't let your fears define the person you become inside

All photos by the author


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