Debt [Original Poem]

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Staying away from crippling debt is about one of the most important things you can do in your life.


by @getonthetrain

Steemit let me tell you – don’t run in debt.
If your television and sofa are trash
They will still be better than any new set
Unless you pay fully in cash.

If your house can't hold all your belongings together
Don't go buying larger, donate to goodwill.
A big house unpaid for in all kinds of weather
Just ends up sending your warm heart a chill.

Stay out of debt, please take the hint.
If the fashions have changed since last season,
A new wardrobe will cost you a mint.
Rock that style instead of buying a look for no reason.

There’s no comfort walking down the street
In expensive clothes if you know you’re in debt.
You might get some compliments from those that you meet,
But will you still feel good when they’re not paid for yet?

I know you have a longing for that fancy new car,
Something nice as you roll down the pavement.
But I know that your paycheck won't go as far
Once you notice that high monthly payment.

Take my advice it is good and true.
But I know some of you doubt it.
Listen to me steemit hear what I tell you.
I have lived it and know all about it.

If you got money to spare, I got nothing to say.
Spend your pounds and dollars are you please,
But always remember those in debt have to pay.
Servants of their boss, their jobs - never at ease.

The chain of a debtor is heavy and cold,
Its links all corrosion and rust.
Call it what you will – it’s the furthest from gold.
For a better life, cast it aside in disgust.

The person in debt is often a slave,
Though their heart may be honest and true.
Can they hold up their head and look brave,
When a bill they can’t pay comes due?

Steemians don’t run into debt anymore,
It will just fill your life with sorrow.
When your landlord knocks at the door
Stating you’ll be evicted tomorrow.

Break the chains and be free

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This is a really awesome poem. It was a fun read and it is practical. You've stated something that can be applied to everyday life. That's not always an easy task. Thank you for your hard work! :D <3

Thanks so much, I did have a time trying to make it all work. Feelings are an easy thing to write poems about, so I wanted to see if I could create a poem about something practical. :D

Very nice, @getonthetrain!

Beautiful poem with a strong message behind it. Great stuff. bro!

The message is the important thing! (just overlook the fact that it isn't my best work, but does the job) :D

Great advice, especially before christmas!

Great advice, all the time! :D

Hey thanks, that it is. Kinda hard to make a poem about it though, but here it is. :)