Rain Drops (Impress upon my face)

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A solitary drop of rain
Lands gently on my brow
Its cool wet presence
Awakens my senses
With focus I become aware of it
Then the next
As they dance like sweet music
The rhythm is contagious
Lulled into harmony with each and every bead
As they gather with serendipity
Building momentum
Rolling across my skin
Washing troubles away

Through you
I can touch the sky
You've traveled vast distances
Falling down to me now
Passing on your experiences
Of places that you have been
The memories captured within your ripples
Impress upon my face
As I begin to forget all the horrors of this wretched place

The cool morning rain
Flushes away the lingering pain
It washes away any doubt
Reminding me of who I am
A being that is one with nature
In love with life and all creation
I pause to contemplate
How everything is as it should be
Life is beautiful
I smile warmly
As I watch you pour across the green field
To nourish the budding blades of grass

Free In Thought

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Thank you so much. Much appreciated.

Rain is life. I can actually feel it touching my skin while reading your poem. Beautifully written.

Thank you. I'm happy to hear that I struck a chord.

Cool post and love the picture.
@curious do people actually donate to your crypto addresses?

Hi. Thanks for the comment. I'm glad it resonated with you.
As far as your question. The answer is no, not yet anyways. However, I am not expecting much. Alas I put my hat out there nevertheless and share my poetry and stories free of charge with the world. I'm happy with whatever comes of it. Cheers!

Fair enough. well good luck to you and hope to read more of your poems.