How I (Somewhat) Became Successful on Steemit

in aprilfools •  last year 

First I want to thank the 200 followers who have been supporting me along the journey. Thank you guys without your support I wouldn't have made it this far. Also spending HUNDREDS of SBD on upvote bots really helped me go far in this platform. With 100 steem power I can easily give myself $0.01 by upvoting myself.

Last paragraph was sarcasm in case if anybody thought I was being serious.

I started here on October and I can't believe my 6th month anniversary is in April. But I started posting on November so my ACTUAL 6th month anniversary will be in May where I will write about my progress here and the many changes that happened here ever since I started.

Really, I am starting to question if I ACTUALLY made it far within the first several months since I joined here. Am I going to power down? Since I didn't put any money into this most likely not. The only thing I invested into this was time so it doesn't really affect me in any way. I am grateful that it unlocked the blogger within me as I never thought I would be one. Also I've been thinking. I will be active here for another year and see where this will go. If I hardly see any growth by then it's better to invest time elsewhere. If I hardly see any growth then I will simply just post once every week or so.

But to give an answer for the title if anybody cares it's pretty simple. All I did was write whatever I am passionate about. Sometimes I use upvote bots if I believe it is worthy content. Also I comment on other people's post and I manage to make a few friends here which is crazy. To make a good post you OBVIOUSLY need to have a thumbnail. That is pretty basic but some people just don't get it. Also you got to check out good content in order to make good content.

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