The Rise Of Crypto Currency 💴 A Sweet Farewell To Central Banks 👋🏽

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Central Banks...?!? Massive Coorporations Running The World?!? Let Me Tell You, Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fa That!



Getting The Hang Of things here on steemit ! It’s borderline my third month of being active on this platform while learning about the realm of crypto currency.


It’s funny because last year around the same time (mid November-December ish) I was learning about trading currencies through forex. It was something I had intended on taking very seriously, however I was more focused on graduating college & other young lady things that the trading endeavors kind of dissipated before my eyes. Mainly because I didn’t really feel I understood the system of trading currencies, plus the people teaching me seemed to be in it for the fast cash without any real substance or purpose behind it other than being rich & independent. For myself, there needed to be a little more involved to keep my spirit interested. Months passed, my life unfolded then I was once again introduced to crypto exactly a year later except this time it was different. No one was bribing me to be involved with steemit for solely for the payout. I was introduced to steemit based on talents I already had in writing, blogging & video logs. It was introduced to me as an alternative to outlets I was already using, that I was seeing very little return on along with super bias competition when it comes to views.



Coming to steemit, I was immediately immersed into a community that is working together to build for something greater than views or dollar signs; they are here to create a space where people can provide each other with quality, authentic work that gives surmount value to the platform. Steemit is a great way to also invest, into whatever it is that we are passionate about. I love that this place is based on Currency, not an economy. Currency being the flow of energy we all have to give to ourselves & one another, economy being based on supply & demand; essentially being based on scarcity rather than abundance. Crypto meaning hidden, secret— Available not for large corporations or entities to take ahold of to micromanage for their own benefit at the detriment of the earth & beings of it.



At first I found that a lot of people outside of the crypto world were a little scared of tapping into it, because of it being technology based or invasive of privacy; honestly the list can go on & on of reasons to be scared. Truth is anything can go wrong for you when you live your life in all the wrong ways. Doesn’t matter if it’s crypto or a central bank. We create & allow things to work for us in our benefit when we see what there is to be grateful for, letting go of what obviously isn’t working! Which is associating our time & effort to a dollar amount. See modern banks, jobs & institutions have made it seem like we are what we work for. In reality, that very same system enslaved people to work day in & day out for their entire lives with little to nothing to show for it after decades of slavery. We are not what we do, we are who we are. When we respect our calling, our hearts desires only then will we ever see success. So yes, we are worth a lot when we actually respect & acknowledge our purpose. We can work, do this & do that all day long & achieve nothing. Still struggling, asking people what they gotta do or where to go next to get ahead. There’s nothing wrong with looking for guidance, only when you value another’s guidance greater than your own inner voice is when you get stuck in a pit fighting to climb out.

I know with creativity, positivity & persistence we can achieve a lot of goals with this platform, without worrying about the “competition”. The only real competitor we have is us, So everyday we should make a solid effort to do better than what we did before. Listening to our inner guide for direction, because trust nothing is coincidence! No need to force it, a flower blossoms into its beauty in its own way & its own timing.



Invest into yourself! Don’t be ashamed to bid on upvote bots, i encourage people to play with different methods they may think of to create their space & build their network. We are our greatest investor! If you don’t have faith in you, then who will?


Peace & Blessings ⭐️

Steem On My Friends, Steem On....


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yes I was one of the ones kind of skeptical (kinda? ha!) but my friend who put me on @alao let me learn at my own pace, was patient with all of my questions and actually helped me get started. I'm really beginning to enjoy steemit more and feel I'm here for the long haul...

But but we need the banks!!!!
Jk of course 👍
Crypto and communities like ours here are changing the world! Who knows by the time those Harriet twenties are supposed to be out the banks might be almost dead!

the number of young investors that are investing into cryptocurrency will probably increase tramendously as the debt crisis intensifies and world markets s
Going through a downturn.
The future is cryptocurrency and
I believes that banks will adopt blockchain technology, but that the real change will happen when users forgo traditional banking in favour of decentralised systems.


Keeping Your Money in the Bank , it will literally grow cobwebs & fester from its lack of movement. Keep it moving, keep it flowing keep it fresh!

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What happens when these corporations decide to buy cryptocurrencies?


What happens when they don’t, is the better question to ask !

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Great Post! Steem ON!!!

Lol aint nobody got time fo dat!!

Your gifs are on point! I'm with it. Ppl are so scared. Like , dont dump you money but try it.. what have you got to lose??!?