HardFork (An Original Poem)

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It has struck me
to my very core,
the concept of
a life honestly itself.

Immediate desires
strike frigid shadows
that bare no weight,
have no strength.

Lust lingers warm for
two things alone,
a world without walls,
a life not so small.

Such an arresting void
is this blank sheet of vellum
on which we etch out
the sanctity of our dreams.

It will soon be so,
I can feel it in my bones
my heart now resides
in this new home…


(Gif compliments of Giphy.com)

alt text

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This is fantastic @ericvancewalton! Shivers down the back of my neck!

Thank you, Doug! That same thing happened to me when I wrote it!

Only who understand the Hard Fork understand the poem!

There is some hidden meaning in there, great catch! Thanks!

Oh... you know... ;)

When i see poetry, i automatically upvote with my imposing 0.02 worth. ;)
Started a bit of crypto-haiku 10 days ago,
this new found love for poetry feels wonderful.

Hahaha...wonderful! Love the Gif. Poetry is such a great form of therapy and expression. Good luck in your writing!

Your poem reflects your full realization and happiness to this new and exciting beginning which will fulfill a life dream. There are so many possibilities and you are headed in the right direction and with the right people. You've traveled a hard road but because of the bumps along the way, you can totally appreciate this new opportunity. Embrace the joy and never look back. Experience the wonderful now and live every moment to its fullest! I am so happy for you! :D

Thank you! This totally feels like "the project" that will change everything on so many levels. I couldn't ask for a better team of individuals to be working with. I'm older than most of them but they're teaching me a lot. The collaboration thus far has been amazing. It's going to be very transformational, I can feel it. : ) Thanks again and take care! Always great to hear from you!

Prelude to a ...Series.

That shirt is killer, Barry! : )

We need to get Amstel one.


Your book has great reviews and I am going to have to grab a copy especially since your poem is so deep and the waiting for the new Hardfork series is making my mind go in different directions!
You can use my Fractal Art if needed in your posts about the Hardfork series - either from my posts or from new ideas you may have. I'd be very happy to help!
The animated gif caught my eye straight away on this post!
There are a few of us, Fractal Artists here, so you are not short of great art!

Thanks! We're actually very open to your ideas. Please feel free to post some of your Fractal art with the hardforkseries hashtag and we might be in touch in ways we can use it. We're very much trying to make this series a community project. I appreciate your interest!

Cool, I will get my mind working on what would be relevant as far as my work. I will post some new stuff when I get it done. Cheers Eric!

That is one enchanting, perplexing gif @ericvancewalton. I feel like I've been put under a trance and I am currently being transported through an intergalactic tunnel into the future. The bright future of... the blockchain

A really enthralling and captivating poem Eric. I can really feel the anxiety and apprehension of a hardfork but also mixed with a tinge of excitement. Beautifully written! :)

Thank you so much, man! It's so funny you should refer to the fractal art as an intergalactic tunnel! We must have been on the same wavelength (you'll have to wait until you see the series to know exactly what I mean.) : ) We really appreciate the support!

I love fractals. Fractal zooms like the Mandlebrot set and the video electric sheep are awesome. Thanks for the poetry!

I like them too! They take you to another place. Thanks for the kind words!

This is awesome @ericvancewalton - I love crypto-poetry! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more from you :)

Thanks, @mikev! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Very good poem :)

I appreciate it!

This is your best yet. Kudos.

I really appreciate it. Thanks!

nice one, upvoted and resteemed. This forking issues is interesting, bitcoin cash booming on its first launch , but now drop down into a pieces xD. Hope it's going well

This is absolutely commendable @ericvancewalton

The words go to my very core
Piercing through every string of emotion and engaging my eyes to the very last dot of this epic poem


I love crypto-poetry, it's beautiful, greetings from Venezuela

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'd love to see your country someday!

Hi @ericvancewalton
It is a good Dharma.This is awesome.


hi i like you post and upvoted and follow..kindly check also my post..hope you like it too..thanks hope you will upvote it [email protected]

This Post made my day @ericvancewalton .
i am certainly going to follow all that you do. you look like a spiritual guy.
Meditation comes from India. i need to know the power of it.

So happy you enjoyed it, man! I actually learned meditation from an India. Paramahansa Yogananda got me started.

Amazing poem, very nice Writing . I loved your work. The Gif image is mind blowing. Keep it up . Upvoted and followed. Have a great day ☺

nice comment and support for a good post

Thanks! Glad you enjoy it!

Very good poetry.
Do not forget to follow, upvote,comment and if necessary in resteem.
Thanks mr, @ericvancewalton

The post is very good,
Hi brother,
Can you help me with this post, I want to revive the forgotten history of Aceh.


Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki page about Hard Fork. Thanks and good luck again!

We definitely appreciate it. Thanks!

Wow...i love this piece...It's beautiful

it's beautiful

A poem about bacon. Bacon o bacon them meat keeps me shakin im loving that bacon it keeps me contemplaten about how good is that bacon hakon waycon bacon yaycon bacon yay. Love that bacon the only way I can. By talkin about bacon.

I have read this a few times now, taking in each verse in order to apply it to my life right now. I love that about poetry , can mean so many different things to different people.

imagining your new life, eh? such a perfect and powerful thing to do!

Ah. What a gift you give with your poems.

you doing great sir
you are one steemian i appreciate so much... keep it up
will check out "the perfect pause" ebook...
thanks for sharing...

I appreciate the support! Thank you!

Somehow it resonate with me! Just Great!
Bless :)

This is fantastic and I like its ingenuity.

I could illustrate this...

Powerful words that lead me into my digital daydreaming.

nice post ♥

It is sad to see comparatively very less poetry on Steemit. But I am glad to have found you as it was one amazing read. Excellently expressed. The sanctity of our dreams...

Too good, Eric!

Great poem. Really cool gif as well!

From one poet to another..this is a beautiful work of word art...i appreciated this post...even read it twice...continue the good work Eric...

Thank you so much. That means a lot!

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