Do you even mow, bro?

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A haiku about mowing, because why not.

Wait until evening
Then mow up the hills. Golden
hour for miles and miles.

Mowing is an endless chore, and while it's a pain in the ass, sometimes the views can be rewarding, especially when mowing up the ridge where my access paths are.


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The barn! 😍
Is that yellow mustard?

My rotten falling down biohazard barn? Yeah, it looks nice in pictures (for now lol)
As far as what the yellow flowers are.... I don't know.... if you think so, I trust your judgment, since after all you are the one who knows herbs well enough to eat them =D

Hahaha! I am sure it has a lot of spiders and other fun things too.
Man you could make money on that back drop, no joke. People look for shots like that in photography.
I only guessed. But the hubby thinks so too. In Germany they would have massive feilds of it. It was beautiful!

It's goldenrod. It kind of masses like yellow mustard, though. The visual effect can be similar, but goldenrod isn't good for anything else and lots of people are allergic to it.

That is why you go to bed when its daylight outside! No morning chores! Looks like you got a lot of lands. I have a friend who spends most of his day mowing on the weekends. He just drinks his moonshine while on his riding lawn mower. He claims he never got a ticket.

While things can grow quick around here they have never gotten that out of hand.

hmmm drunk mowing almost sounds tempting but I'd probably cut my foot off somehow.
That's my back acres that are "natural" "green belt" whatever you want to call it, I just mow trails so I can walk around them. There is plenty of boring lawn around the house =p

That sounds nice. We got some neighbors that would jump all over someone for doing that here lol. We do have a few empty lots that are not upkept so it is nice to just see them become overgrown and let nature enjoy it while it can. One day those land investors will want do something with what they bought.

Oh I'd want to leave that space open even if I had the equipment to keep it fully mowed. There are deer that sleep up there (you can see the packed down areas in the grass) and there are at least half a dozen rabbits that are really playful and fun to watch that hop out of it down onto the lawn. There's also at least one opossum that lives up in it, and I've seen turkeys in it as well. There used to be a natural spring that ran all the way down it but the last resident filled it in with two huge dams cause he had it turned into a dirt bike course.

Sounds like you have yourself a zoo back there! Always a shame when more and more people just want remove nature and replace it with concrete and steel. At least nature has its ways of reclaiming things if the humans don't keep it upkept!

that is some wide open spaces ;9) and a lot to mow.... I'd probably put in a couple of disc golf baskets ;9)

That was the plan... sadly it's also for sale. =( but yeah, the more i started mowing I realized the same thing, that I was setting up a perfect 9 basket course.

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