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From a very young age, I never fit in,
When I realized how weird, maybe alien I am.
Jumped in the deep end, thinking I could swim,
Thrashed and struggled, then I went within.
Wasn't the first place, I searched in this journey,
Searching every mind space learning, still yearning.
Unaware that the journey would torque me this hard,
Awakening in the flow is the closest lifeguard
Dharma means your duty, life purpose or mission,
This is where creation gives us permission.

Original poetry by @bilbop first posted as a response
to This Post by @clayboyn.

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Very well said, many more should follow this ethos.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you for your support @vibeof100monkeys. Many more steemians will follow this ethos, the intent to make it so proceeds our action. Let us all help create the world like we all want to see.
@clayboyn is one such friend, he's also working with @positive-trail. Yesterday on openmic I discovered @briandivisions a positive being. In joy enjoy.

Oh yeah!

Thank you for your support @creationofcare. :)

Hey @bilbop - I really like this poem and wonder if you would give me permission to make it into a Sound Poem? I've been creating these for awhile now, and this piece would make a Great One. :)

Of course, you have my permission @greatdabu.
Collaboration is the golden key, providing an infinite palette for digital artists.
Many precisely structured facets make the gem exceedingly brilliant!

Thank You ! I'll put it on the front burner and keep you posted :)

My pleasure. I'm honored, curiosity piqued and imagining.... Let it roll Brother.