30 Day Poetry Challenge :: Day 7 :: Morning Song

in poetry •  2 years ago 

This is not a lullaby
from Mother Earth,
but rather a morning song
meant to rock you gently awake.
Rolling out of bed,
I smell sage and mugwort
burnt by hands of my 85-year-old self,
tanned fingers pulling me slowly
from sleep into liminal space.
With every column of smoke rising
from dried leaf to my nose,
my Soul is drawn back down to my body
and my Spirit awakens.

Startled by his clashing on the other side of the wall,
I realize that our morning songs do not harmonize.
So I ask him to leave.
This is my temple of Self
and I am my own Protector.

Day 7 Poetry Challenge :: Write a poem about how you woke up this morning, or about the last morning that you had time and space to wake up the way you most like to.

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As someone with vivid, demanding dreams, I take my waking slow - accepting it as a kind of rebirth, carefully deciphering symbols as well as coded commands, realizing how those first moments, interstate, might set the tone for the day, ahead.

Awaiting my consciousness to return from faraway places, I understand the need to protect my self as you say, and honor the dream world - in hopes that precious little is wasted on me.

Here’s a small poem of mine, to this effect:

Dark Room

Awoke, with an unseen
reel of dream film
I’d found wandering

And, now wondering
where does one develop
such unreal pictures?

Wow, beautiful!

So glad you appreciate it! Will submit a poem to a contest, then off to check out your prompt for today, shortly :)

Nice! I like it :D Not sure how this poetry challenge works, but my first steemit post is a poem about the spirit waking up while the body is not. Your morning song reminded me of it!

I woke up this morning but I didn't wake up
Just lying paralyzed on my back in the bed
Like clinically dead but alive in my head


This is great, thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much for sharing =) I would love to start getting involved with the #30DayPoetryChallenge...where can I find the prompts each day? Are you the originator of this challenge?

Nice composition. Love the imagery and your final two lines. We are truly our own protector and must closely guard our "temple of self".

wow Amazing post.....great photographey....like your post.....

This is beautiful.

Amazing how you can write a poem everyday for 30 days! I wish I have that talent :) I would like to try but my English is plain and it's been more than a decade since I last wrote a poem (at school). I love how you can write so beautifully and it made me imagine so many pictures through your words <3

This is lovely
The lines are superb

Superb ! beautiful !!