Sleep paralysis / ego trap / what

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Attempts to raise my arm
just couldn't move it
Tried to move my eyes
but I couldn't do it
Stuck in between and
only words to prove it

This shit is called sleep paralysis
I've luckily never had it
But my ex girlfriend had it
so I wrote a poem about it

I woke up this morning but I didn't wake up
Just lying paralyzed on my back in the bed
Like clinically dead but alive in my head
I recalled a trippy article I've read
About DMT molecules getting stuck in the thread

A loop iterating like a Mandelbrot-set
Causing the consciousness to disconnect
Sending signals to the neurotransmitters that the neurotransmitters don't get
Thought maybe I was getting punished by a god I had never met
I soon concluded that was way too far out to accept
So finally I somehow managed to recollect
The mind-body/body-mind connection happened to reconnect
Body-mind: check - mind-body: check check

My advice, you know though it wasn't actually me that had this, the advice is:
While you're awake -
learn to meditate

Before it's too late
Because you can get stuck in that shit for days
And not occasionally stuck like trapped in a maze
No, more like trapped in a trap behind your face

The ego takes up so much space
And what kind of space
The ego is just a function
in the brain

You need to know that to escape

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Nice. The book I'm working on was inspired by sleep paralysis as well. Not fun, but very interesting and can be a source of inspiration and creativity.