Time for a change - An Original Poem - Steemit Exclusive - (Motivational Poetry)

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Is it time for a change
Do you feel so estranged

Just draw there the line
Start living you're fine

The future is now exciting
There is so much worth fighting

Start looking for tomorrow
Forget all the sorrow

Past is not coming back
Be on the right future track

This way you will succeed
Time your soul now to feed

It's not about money or fame
It's about how you feel in this game

If it all feels alright
You're finding the light

After that it's so clear
There is no hate or fear

Only calmness and peace
Love comes to you with such ease

So is it time for a change
Let's try a different range

Things will change for the better
That is all from me and my letter

By Angel Veselinov

Hey all. It is nice to have a new piece published since I have been away quite a lot lately.

I guess the theme is well known for everyone and I am writing about it based on me moving houses...

So it is time for a change for me. I really do believe that change is what drives the world as it is a part of the evolution process. What do you think about that guys and girls?

Well enough of me :) Wish you all happy Weekend . God Bless You. Peace and Love.

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There is always one thing which is constant my friend, and that is the change. The world is constantly changing, and as the world changes so do we. We adapt to new ways, new technologies, and new ways of thinking. :)

Great poem, brother. Keep writing. Have an amazing day. :)


Thanks for the great comment man :) You are the one as usual :) I am glad that you liked it. Also I have to thank you for your great motivational posts that help me get through too :) Keep up the great work yourself :) Have a Good One :) God Bless. Love and Peace.


You know me, my friend. I am all about leaving genuine and good comments. I really did like your poem and I hope you will keep writing. :)

And, you are more than welcome for motivational posts. I am really happy you found them encouraging. It encourages me to keep writing and sharing with you guys on Steemit. :)

Have an amazing day, brother. Love and Peace to you as well. :)

Really very inspiring, I hope your house move went well - and you are right we should look for tomorrow and the bright opportunities the future brings.

#thealliance #witness

flawless rhymes man, time for a change indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Hola @angelveselinov, la verdad esta muy lindo el mensaje que traes con tu poema. Me encanto escucharte recitarlo fue muy armónico. Saludos desde VOTU y muchos éxitos.

Nice poem my friend and I feel it :) The only constant in the Universe IS change... Happy people embrace that change, while those who fight it are always unhappy... Life is so easy :D


Thanks :) man. I hope to be able to get back in shape and start pouring that poetry again :) hehe. Well I guess all is bound to happen at some point :).