Remember - An Original Poem Steemit Exclusive ( Cleansing Poetry )

in poetry •  5 months ago


Do you remember the time
When you felt great
Maybe you were in line
It was totally worth the wait

Got to recall
all great emotions
For when you fall
Not to lose your devotion

Do you remember at least
When you were kids
All was love and peace
Now sounds like an old myth

You got to remember
How to forgive
Stop the pretender
You got to believe

Believe in yourself
Believe in all others
Give all the help
Show someone bothers

By Angel Veselinov

Hey all again. Like I said I am not going anywhere now. Got my rest and vacation and we are back on our poetic track. Today some cleansing poetry came so I hope you like it and gain from it. God Bless You All. Peace and Love

P.S. Today is a special day for me as My wife @reikimaster has finally written her first post . Go give her some love :) or work as she has every intention to help people in need here.

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