Don't you take it for granted - An Original Poem (Steemit Exclusive) (Educational Poetry)(Motivational Poetry)

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Don't you take all for granted
When you heard what you wanted

There is something behind
All those nice talks kind

Don't be afraid to check out
If all will work out

Sometimes people deceive
By telling you what you want to believe

So be cautious when things look so easy
Beware the ER's are constantly busy

Don't you take it for granted
For what someone loves others just ranted

There is so much seeded confusion
So many people live in mass media illusion

Kid's come out programmed: what is good, what is bad
It's a global command to make you dumb and mad

They don't want you to think for yourself
That is dangerous for their health

At least you know better know
Who is running the show

Yes. That is you.
Beware What You Now DO.

By Angel Veselinov

Well I think the poem speaks for itself. I am happy that I managed to squeeze another one. I just did not think I have the powers but here we go. I wish you all good night. It was a pleasure writing another one for you all. Thank you also for Including me in the Daily Dose on Second Place that Means a lot for me :) As I have been having some confidence problems as of lately.

God Bless You All. Peace and Love.

P.S. I hope that my places in the Daily Doses are not based on my involvement in the community !!! I highly encourage everyone who writes the Dose to be harsh on me :)

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Good one. You have my thumbs up!


Thank You. You Are Awesome. :) God Bless You. Peace and Love :)

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