Magical World #19: Late night treasure

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Late night treasure

It's dark.
Some blue light is flashing in a corner.
The moon light is casting shadows.
I can still make out many shapes.

It's silent.
A machine is softly humming.
A car pulls away in the distance.
I move and the bed linen rustles.

I'm safe, I'm satisfied, but I'm not really tired.
I feel the beating of my heart.
My breath is like a poem, a rhyme
It's rhythm almost lulling me to sleep.

This is the late night's treasure.
There's nothing left to do.
No pressing matters, no unanswered questions
Just me and time passing by.

There is a mildness at this hour,
A friendliness, a smile.
A gentle melody made up of heart beats and of sighs.
There's nothing left to take away, and nothing I can add.

Of all the treasures I have found,
This one never fails
To quietly embrace me,
To empty me of words,
To empty me of time,
To free me of any urgency,
And finally to hand me over
To another place, another world
With matters still undefined.

To be no one.
No purpose, no past.
To quietly take part
In life's silent melody.
Nothing else required
To make my day.

Magical World Series

This is post #19 in the Magical World Series. With these posts, I hope to add a little happiness and light-heartedness to your day. There is magic in every little corner of the world. And if we share it with each other, it does really brighten up the place!

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