Wandering Desert

in poetry •  6 months ago 

Lost within the Sands
Hallucinating visions
That never existed...
I lie upon the sands
And stare up at the Sun.
Perhaps blind eyes
Will let me wander home?
Relying too much on senses
I fell in love with the land
So much I sucked it dry
Every last drop from the soil
Tearing up roots
Just to build a new foundation
That was never sturdy
One that would burn
Never to withstand the test of Time.
Time stands still
Trapping us in a cycle
But the mechanisms can be found
Buried under the sands
And I will find them.
This blistering sun
The icy Night
The extremes
We must face to prove ourselves.
I will not stop.
I will keep wandering
Until I find what I came here for
To prove to them
Defeat will never keep me from rising


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