What We Left Behind

in #poetry3 years ago


A frigid gust blows in the window
And across the dusty floor
Broken glass and scattered trash
No one comes here anymore

Everything left where it was
As if they would return
Food left rotting in the fridge
Or on the stove to burn

This rusted junker of a car
Was someone’s cherished ride
The latest model at one time
Sitting dormant just outside

Retired to the elements
Beneath a cloudy sky
It sleeps on four flat tires
Forever on standby

Down the hill beside the house
A lonely railroad waits
For trains that won’t pass through again
On their way to other states

A mangled doll beside the tracks
Its clothing worn and tattered
Smiling still, recalling perhaps
The child to whom it mattered


Así es la vida en su transitar, y... sacan suspiros desde lo más profundo del alma.Buen poema.Felicitaciones alexbeyman.

Very evocative @alexbeyman. I can see this place in my mind's eye, and feel the sadness there.

I have been searching for poets to see if you might want to enter the ongoing ccc contest found on this list:


We have a lot of good contests going with great prizes, lots of interaction, and interesting themes. I'm pointing you to the Sunday contest, but you would be welcome in any of them. I hope to see you there :)

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