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What will you decide today?

How are you doing this fine day/evening?

I often think about the world and everybody who lives and breathes on great mother earth. There are so many changes every day in the way we live and the way we choose to live. Unfortunately, a lot of these changes are not good for the planet and the people who reside on this planet as well. So I write about the things that are very important to me as a human being which in turn is very important for the rest of the people on the planet as well.

Lack of consideration for one another is just a few words I can think of that best describes what is happening in the world of today. We are becoming a society of self-centered individuals rather than living like tribes of the past.

Let me explain in the best way that I can. In the old days, no one was left out in the cold, without food or shelter. No one person had more than the other because the tribes would not allow this to happen. Everyone was given what they needed to live and live well. Everyone received the same respect and everyone was treated as an equal. The tribe would work together as a whole. They would work together to get the best end result they could that would benefit the entire tribe.

Now-a-days, everyone is more concerned about themselves. The act of helping each other to move forward is a thing of the past. Making sure that everyone is well fed, taken care of in times of need, working together to make everything could for everyone is gone. Society has become selfish and less caring about the needs of others.

Pass it forward was a failing project. Great idea but didn’t go viral as it should have. So in the end, there are millions of people who will not survive another day while others live on big boats, travel the world in leisure and live as if everything in the world is okay as long as it doesn’t affect their personal assets.

I hope you enjoy the poetry even though parts of it seem dark and in despair. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, always. Be blessed and live in peace. Be a part of everything around you and help where you can in any way you can.

The final hour - Image source,

This first poem is about the way technology has advanced so much and left us in times of need. It is segregating us from each other. Keeping us away from what is important and how the governments of the world really want us to be. “It is easier to stand against one than many” “It is easier to control what is in your hand than what is all around you”. Think about this real deep. Isn’t this what the governments of the world are doing today? Yes, it is. Now my words about this exact subject.

“Our final hour of sleep” 3/15/2018

Musical softness no longer rises into the air,
Magical songs of birds dead on the ground.
Gases of industrial poison raises its dark head,
Killing the natural resources no longer found.

Roses of beauty disappear into the darkness,
The strength of old oak collapses into the dirt.
The sky turns dark from pollution lingering,
As we inhale with no symptoms of pain or hurt.

Oceans of life crash mangled upon the shores,
Blue waters turn to brown then fill with red.
Extinct is the common among creatures of the day,
Progress becomes concrete buildings of death.

Majestic sunlight now blasting rays of disease,
Ozone layers wiped away with sighs and tears.
Technology moving faster than the speed of light,
Causing mass chaos and creating new age fears.

Human passion sinking deeper into an all time low,
Human interaction ruled by gadgets of financial war.
Beautiful places of natural growth torn down each day,
Mother earth releases storms of cleansing to even the score.

Human lives washed away in powerful natural disasters,
The time for renewal begins to take its final toll.
And we as mankind can only sit back and wait patiently,
For this manifestation we have created to hit home.

Our Songs now written and our beds now made,
As pools of blood of our families continue to fill deep.
Our souls have been sold and we’ve been paid in full,
As we begin to journey into “our final hour of sleep”.

So hear me now and listen real close,
There are things we must do every day.
We can not let this continue for very much longer,
Hear my words as I speak, kneel and pray.

We must wake up and smell the coffee,
We must see the beautiful roses in bloom.
We must be heard with our powerful cries,
We must stand strong and remove all this gloom.

We truly are the ones with the power,
We are millions of souls ready to fight.
We are strong in numbers if we gather as one,
We are the ones with the blessed site.

The final hour - Image source,

Love in abundance - Image source,

Do any of you know the story of Johnny Appleseed? Well the legend is a much better story than the actual real life history other than John Chapman (Better known as Johnny Appleseed) was a devote Christian whom spread the word of the gospel to everyone he came in contact with. The real history is that Chapman planted apple orchards for profit in the making of alcoholic apple cider. In the legend, he planted seeds in forest along his travels in order to bring life, food and color to the world.

He was known to wear threaded wardrobe that was very plain and a tin hat. He was a very strong believer in animal rights which included insects. He was mainly a vegetarian and never hunted. Story has it that he never married or even had relations with women because he wished to enter the kingdom of heaven abstinence and believed he would be rewarded when he entered the pearly gates of heaven. He, in legend, was considered a folk hero. So this goes out to all the hero's of the world. This can include everyone on the planet. Those who do their part to help the world become a better place.

“Rebuild love in abundance” 3/12/2018

Johnny Appleseed’s of the world please hear me,
Your dreams of the world today lye hidden.
While capitalist dominate the true dreamer,
With false words of poisonous deception.

Melting magical moments too fiery liquid,
Reforging their essence too controlling Armour.
Selling it in subliminal messages through the media,
As they lead us into their transformation parlor.

The government leaders of each continent,
Are mere puppets for our personal entertainment.
But we support them as if they really do care,
And dive deeper into to their hypnotizing enslavement.

Voices of our dead ancestors trying to show us,
The true pathway to happiness lye's just north.
But we listen not because we are all manipulated,
Into continuing to the right, just off course.

Open your eyes and ears young strong hero’s,
Rise up and lead the way that only you can.
Show the blind of the world the true pathway,
And spread your insight across this conquered land.

“Rebuild love in abundance” in every heart seeker,
Rebuild spirit in every keeper of blessed souls.
Then connect them all in the beautiful circle of life,
And relieve all the illness, anger and sorrows.

Rebuild eternal love everlasting once again,
And let us hear the inner strength bell chimes.
Rebuild the hope and dreams of billions,
And together again, we will live in peaceful times.

Johnny Appleseed - Image source,

Free bird or caged bird - Image source,

This next poem is about a very simple but complex idea. The idea of making choices for the good of humankind. Simple in the fact that if we all made choices that would improve our way of life, not technologically, but yet in helping others to have a greater chance at having a better way of life. Choosing to be free from the ruling of society. Choosing to be free from dictatorship and censorship. Choosing to be free period rather than a puppet of those who rule this destructive world now.

Complex in the fact that there is so much pressure from society, peers and financial institutions that making the right choice can bring harm to our own success. Can bring them down or make them look bad in front of what they consider, the important ones. The ones that can bring them to the top or push them down into the unknown.

Society today is very selfish. They are self-centered, reserved to themselves and have very little care of those in need. They would rather just ignore the problems of the world as long as they are doing okay. But this way of living comes with a great cost. Giving up your freedom to meet the standards of others.

And when they have plenty, more than enough, they will keep it to themselves rather than share the wealth with others to help the world become a much happier, better place to live. They are puppets of the rich and free to do as they are told to do. Not what is right, but by the rules of their class they have fallen into.

This is the last of my three poems. I hope I have brought light to some of the atrocities of today. I hope people will read my poetry and begin going against the grain. Help create a much better world for our children so they can achieve success in everything they choose and make the right choices so that everyone can have a much happier fulfilled life. Have a blessed awesome day. Love, Jeronimo Rubio

“Free bird or caged bird? You decide” 3/16/2018

A Free bird goes soaring,
Through blue skies of heaven,
Time never has no meaning to he.

A bird in a cage,
Feels loneliness and despair,
With wishful dreams of being set free.

A free bird sees sunlight,
Endures the pleasant sweet warmth,
Wherever they wander and happen to be.

A bird in a cage,
Sees sunlight in their dreams,
Once remembered in old times of glee.

A free bird eats hardy,
As they would please every day,
And wherever they may happen to roam.

A bird in a cage,
Eats when they are feed,
And wishes that they were back home.

The free bird lives full,
Their live as they so wish,
Always happy for most of the day.

A bird in a cage,
Wishes they were somewhere else,
And only of how they can eventually get away.

So I ask you this day,
Are you the free bird with a voice,
That sings all day songs beautiful filled with joy.

Or are you the bird in a cage,
That only dreams their life away,
And will die hungry, sad and all alone.

Because its really up to you,
The choice is all yours,
Only decide and you one day will see.

That we all can be happy birds,
And our choice is the only answer,
For us to spread our wings and eventually be free.

We can all be a free bird - Image source,

Poems and text are authored by @jeronimorubio

Read my other blog posts here:

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People of past were very simple. But now this developing world became more attractive for us. This is one of the main reason that people want to get everything with in a short period of time that's why they try every option without understanding good or bad advantages.

It is really good point, even it if too long to read to me thought.
my fingers can't stay at long term in one paragraph. ;-(

Thank you for your thoughts @craftplanet. If we all changed just a little, imagine what a much better world it would be. Have a blessed day.

Yes people did live simpler lives without technology but that is irrelevant to the unresistable desire that humans display. That is, the destruction of anything that comes between us and what we want. Whether as a group or individual, the self cherished always results in the peace that does perish.

You are right @coldicehotwater. But in history, humans have always had a desire to gain what they could. Even in the olden days. Like the Romans etc. But there were several nations that took care of each other all over the world. The USA is not a good example of this today. But in Europe, they have a much better way of taking care of their elderly. Thanks for your words. Have a blessed day.

You are absolutely right @introvert-dime. The world has become a bit greedy and selfish. This is the reason we need to change our social habits to a more positive fashion. Thank you for your thoughts. Have a blessed day.

In the old days, no one was left out in the cold, without food or shelter.

I agree. However, I think there have always been two classes, rich and poor. Sometimes middle class got there as well if the elites allowed it. Yes, I agree that now-a-days, everyone is more concerned about themselves. Especially living in NY is a perfect example of selfishness. It is sad, but it’s true that there are millions of people who will not survive another day while others live this luxurious lifestyle.

Your first poem describing dark side of the world such as animal extinction, water turning in red, ozone layers bringing all kind of deceases, humans getting sucked in by today’s technology including me...Yes, this all could mean the “End of times” is coming soon and it comes unexpectedly. All we can do is love, have faith and pray.
The story about John Chapman is very touching, however I believe humans where created as a meat eaters, just like animal hunters were created to eat meat. Of course different story is trophy hunting, which I’m 100% against.
Your second poem mentioning government and it’s ways of manipulating people has always been here. The only difference today is the awareness thanks to today’s internet and alternative media. If you are willing to listen and have your eyes opened, you will hear and see the truth.
The third poem is about whether you are prisoner in your life, in today’s society or if you are a free person. Being free person is very hard for anyone to become. Today you can become a prisoner very easy. You can become prisoner of today’s technology, just owning a sell phone could mean you are a prisoner...
Great post with beautiful poems!

Thanks for the interpretation. It really brought out the true explanation of the poems.

Thank you so much for all the great detail about my poetry @milano1113. You are quite right about everything. You are very smart indeed and I am sure you are a great person as well. We can all be free. Technology is important, but like everything, if used in moderation. We seem to get trapped in that world and lose touch with what is real. I hope your road you walk is always blessed.

During the old times, there was no chaos, humans knew importance of humanity, they would have been worried, if their neighbour had slept empty stomach, or anyone was sleeping without a house, it would have put a guilt in their souls, they were God fearing, knowing if they won't help a fellow human , God will ask them this, they kept things simple and beautiful though there lives were full of struggle, but they would always wear a smile.. Times have changed and haven't they changed to only worsen our belief on hunanity.we humans today are only worried about our selfish needs , we dont even care about the guilt our soul's carry, we are living In the Cage which appears Beautiful from inside but it doesn't have the ability to make us smile, we don't know what humans go through everyday, we don't care enough about their has moved very fast, end times are near, if we still aren't able to stand for a human cause. We should live humans and make everybody's life respectable and then um sure our heart will sing poems of humanity forever

You are absolutely right as well @tasauver. Times were much simpler back in the olden days. Maybe because there were fewer people some may say. Maybe because there was no technology to think of others will say. I think it is because people had more love for each other. More care for each other and most of all, more respect for each other. Especially in tribal communities. Thank you for your wonderful words. Have a blessed day.

Our final hour of sleep - This poem speaks so much to the road society is travelling. I talk to my students all the time about the ways in which the world is changing and not only the changes but the rate at which things are changing. It ties so well into our Human Geography and media units I especially like the image you chose for this poem. The way the old couple are starting to come apart in what looks like a digital way emphasizes the words form your poem. You can see the storms that will cleanse the earth and reset us back to nothing. This would be a great poem to show my class when we start our poetry unit in two weeks.

I am so happy that you really enjoyed my poetry @broncofan99. I hope that when your lessons begin in a few weeks that the poetry will be useful in your classes. Please share them with my blessings. You are absolutely right about everything that you said as well. May all your road you walk be blessed.

Today I'll decide that im going to the mars someday and build a utopia and my legacy will last millions of years. How I'm going to do that? well take first step first.

Yes, that´s right @cortexx

...and I wish you all the best on your Journey @ray123. May your days be adventurous and your road blessed. Have a great day.

Thank you so much @jeronimorubio

I concur. Notwithstanding, I think there have dependably been two classes, rich and poor. Now and then white collar class arrived too if the elites permitted it. Indeed, I concur that now-a-days, everybody is more worried about themselves. Particularly living in NY is an ideal case of narrow-mindedness. It is tragic, however it's valid that there are a huge number of individuals who won't survive one more day while others carry on with this sumptuous way of life. Your first sonnet depicting dim side of the world, for example, creature annihilation, water handing over red, ozone layers bringing all sort of expires, people getting sucked in by the present innovation including me...Yes, this all could mean the "Finish of times" is coming soon and it comes out of the blue. Everything we can do is love, have confidence and ask. The anecdote about John Chapman is exceptionally touching, be that as it may I trust people where made as a meat eaters, much the same as creature seekers were made to eat meat. Obviously unique story is trophy chasing, which I'm 100% against. Your second sonnet saying government and it's methods for controlling individuals has dependably been here. The main distinction today is the mindfulness because of the present web and elective media. On the off chance that you will tune in and have your eyes opened, you will hear and see reality.

Every phrase of your poem holds a deep meaning and full of parables of life plus the images expresses thousands of thoughts.

Thumbs up!

The poems are so wonderful. I appreciate too.

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement @elizahfhaye. I really appreciate it. I am very happy that you liked the poetry and pictures. We are all on our own special journey. I hope that more will choose to help others and improve the value of life for all. Have a blessed day.

i liked the way how you have highlighted very various aspects. from the lack of human interest to the capture life of a bird but it always have different meanings. Something that is not easy to be understood by everyone

Wonderful poetry :)

Thank you so much @gomovies. I am happy that you liked the poetry. I wish you all the best. Have a blessed day.

everybody should believe in the present

Great read this morning @adsactly to go with my coffee.
One thing I remembered while reading is the day my father told me that during my grandfather's generation when someone was in trouble men and women would run immediately to their assistance. Now in this new generation that doesn't happen. People stay away from the danger and instead get their phones out so they can catch the moment and post it somewhere to help their popularity.

Thank you so much @bluehorseshoe. I am happy you enjoyed the poetry and writings. You are absolutely right. That is the way it was in the past and the way it is today. It is sad but it is what it is unless we decide to change it around and make it better than it is. Have a blessed day.

It's right that, you write about the things that are very important to you as a human being which in turn is very important for the rest of the people on the planet as well

Thank you so much @anikearn. I hope you have wonderful blessed days.

People knew significance of mankind, they would have been concerned, if their neighbor had rested exhaust stomach, or anybody was dozing without a house, it would have put a blame in their souls, they were God dreading, knowing whether they won't help a kindred human , God will ask them this, they kept things basic and lovely however there lives were loaded with battle, yet they would dependably wear a grin.. Circumstances are different and haven't they changed to just intensify our conviction on humanity. We people today are just stressed over our narrow minded needs , we don't even think about the blame our spirit's convey, we are living In the Cage which seems Beautiful from inside yet it doesn't be able to influence us to grin, we don't recognize what people experience ordinary, we couldn't care sufficiently less about their has moved quick, end times are close, on the off chance that despite everything we aren't ready to remain for a human reason.

You are absolutely right @max1994. The world today needs more people to care about others. We are only hurting ourselves in the end. Have a blessed day.

Hello brother @adsactly, I am very much in agreement with you as regards the fact that people today do not help each other, in several quotes from the bible they say that we should love each other and help each other, for example: Romans 13: 9 - You will not commit adultery , you will not kill, you will not steal, you will not say false testimony, you will not covet, and any other commandment, in this sentence is summarized: You will love your neighbor as yourself. and as for the technology that in many cases, is not bad but we are forgetting or doing many things because of it. I congratulate you for your contribution friend. God bless you more.

Thank you for your excellent words @cesarmvm. You seem to know exactly what the world needs more of today. I am sure that all your road and journeys will be blessed.

Society is really selfish. I strongly recommend a selfless society for a better tomorrow. Thank you for bringing these practical lessons to light.

Thank you for your powerful choice of words @essiential. This is so true today and every day we are alive. We must choose to make things better and not just look away and be selfish within ourselves. Have a blessed Day.

@jeronimorubio, your poems are really splendid! 💜

Thank you so much @janicemars. Thank you for your kind words. Have a blessed day.

You too 😊 Please say hi to Monster for me 😊

That is some seriously good poetry. I really admire you (and any other serious poet) it is just a skill I do not have.

I need to ask if you've ever danced in the Pacific Northwest? I know some guys there...

Thanks for some serious thought provoking poetry. I appreciate it.

Thank you so much for your kind words again @tom13. I really appreciate it. I have danced in several powwows. Not sure @adsactly where you mean, but I may know some people that you do. Have a blessed day.

¡Saludos! ¿Cómo estás @adsactly? tu post esta muy lindo es un poema precioso, tenemos que tratar de elevarnos muy alto para llegar a la cima de la montaña, no podemos dejar que nos corten nuestras alas, si se puede volar. un mensaje muy lindo de superacion, decido ser un pajaro libre.
cariños y besos.

Muchas gracias @celinavisaez. Estoy muy feliz de que hayas disfrutado los poemas. También me alegra que hayas elegido ser un pájaro libre. Te deseo bien y bendiciones en todas tus aventuras.

The appleseed, depicts how we should all do something good with each opportunity we get and be empathetic... we should focus on constantly doing good. but the but in this contemporary period is, people who do good are being frustrated and eventually some get tired of it. So I too hope that the Appleseed's of this world don't get tired.

About the last poem
Due to present times, everyone is born free but everywhere In chains. The bondage is psychological. But if we can be liberated psychologically, like a bird there is no limit to the heights we can attain... I @shollstun decide to be free. Freedom is life ✌🏼.

Glad I found your blog @adsactly the Appleseed story got to me

Thank you so much @shollstun for your powerful words and your choice to be free. I am sure that you are a wonderful human being and your on the right path to go as far as you want. May you have a very blessed day.

Thank you for your kind words @jeronimorubio ... do have a nice day too

The lack of mutual consideration is what defines our generation, our world. We all think of ourselves always before others, omitting that our actions have an impact on the lives of others as well as on our immediate environment (nature), I firmly believe that the damage we are doing to humanity is centered on individuality personal and then in the money. People go above and beyond to obtain some kind of wealth, as you mentioned before, this did not happen because people were supportive because those were the main values ​​they learned at home. Where is the true center of this whole affair, the family has lost the fundamental value to the society that had formerly for it we have been dragging all these consequences that will worsen each day if we do nothing to recover "THE FAMILIES" the basis of the society. As Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, "he who does not serve to serve does not serve to live".

Thank you for your beautiful words @amaliasalascha. You are so right about today and yesterday. We have become self-serving which is leaving a lot of people in a bad situation. We need to change and fast. To many people are suffering when they don't have to. Thank you again for your powerful words. May all your days be blessed.

A poetry full of figurative beauty @adsactly. Continue steeming quality poetry, putting unique dimension in this blogging platform.

Thank you so much @niefid. I am very happy that you enjoyed everything written here this day. May you have a blessed day.

I really like your cool words. They are polished refind diamonds. How can we appreciate great soul, greater than your precious jems.It feels like you have collected pearl from deep end of the sea and decorated nicely and more over you described everything very nicely.

The absence of shared thought is the thing that characterizes our age, our reality. We as a whole consider ourselves dependably before others, precluding that our activities affect the lives of others and in addition on our quick condition (nature), I solidly trust that the harm we are doing to mankind is focused on singularity individual and afterward in the cash. Individuals go well beyond to get some sort of riches, as you specified previously, this did not occur in light of the fact that individuals were steady in light of the fact that those were the primary esteems ​​they learned at home. Where is the genuine focus of this entire undertaking, the family has lost the basic incentive to the general public that had some time ago for it we have been dragging every one of these results that will decline every day in the event that we don't do anything to recuperate "THE FAMILIES" the premise of the general public.

Human has changed alot, its just like "now we’re supposed to go back to our normal lives. That’s what people do. They have these amazing experiences with another person, and then they just go home and clean the bathroom or whatever."

Sad poetry for Alone ones

I tried to walk among the glowing stars.
I never give up even though I always fail.
I am sure, one day I will foam be among you.

thank you very much
@adsactlay your poetry (y)

Nice poetry sir thanks

Good socialization makes the olden days better and that's what is been replaced by capitalization and civilization which seems to be ruining everything these days

For the first poem, that's very true. Technology is moving a very fast pace. New Inventions experience every month before you even learn the previous thing. Great post though! Thanks for sharing with us @adsactly.

very nice poem.

amazing photo and like it

To be sincere, love is really missing amongst the human race.

It is lack of love and passion that makes the leaders neglect the followers

Lack of love makes alot of us lack empathy towards the less priviledged.

If only these lost love in our societies can be regained, the world will be a better place for us all.

Your post is a sound wake up call to us all.

I dissolved in thinking while reading your poem ...
Full of meaning and pervasive dihati, love and life.
Really great I have to repeatedly read it @adsactly
** Sometimes God does not give you what you want, just because God knows what you want, not reply you need **

Thanks for this @adsactly

Wow, I feel the same way. I can see you have a beautiful soul and a big big heart. I try myself to pay it forward and go out of my way to help someone in need. I really enjoy your blog @adsactly. You always write good blogs.

Hy @adsactly Are you a witnes?
Your poem is very good from the kebait Temple full of meaning

I enjoyed every bit I am able to ready. What a nice thought.

The world has pretty much changed and its kinda scary how our mother earth has been damaged. Floods, tsunamis, earthquakes and other catastrophes are somehow happening because of the neglect that people do to our nature.

Beautiful poetry, it was an enjoyable read. Thanks a lot.

Really interesting and deep post. Each line of the poem carries a deep meaning over which one can think for hours. The photos are just perfect.

I am going to enjoy my shrimp and beer

i love you steemit all fr,,,,,

What can I say ... I feel like I have touched a soul mate - the words are so powerful and how I wish everyone would feel the same.
Thank you.

Great poetry

sick post very cool

wow well poetry post keep it up thanks for shareing

nice post
i read your post
you are doing great jobGreat_Post.jpg

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Its time for us to make a change for you and for me lets make the world a better place

so wonderful. thanks

Nice poem ! It's heartouching

My motivation of life from the poetry:

We must wake up and smell the coffee,
We must see the beautiful roses in bloom.
We must be heard with our powerful cries,
We must stand strong and remove all this gloom.

We truly are the ones with the power,
We are millions of souls ready to fight.
We are strong in numbers if we gather as one,
We are the ones with the blessed site.

Thanks for your sharing

Follow me follow you 🔝🔝🔝

wwoooooww what a great post !!! haha what a coincidence, I just made 3 posts like this ...btw ... would you please upvote unless one them maybe? I would appreciate it a LOT, for reall it would mean the world to me i need it, thanks :)

LOL - no no this space is to agree with them and say how wonderful the post is.

for real its a amazing poem!!!

Greetings from Venezuela friend, I like your post and I gave you my vote, I need your support, I still can not see my posts, I am very new in Steemit. Can you see my post? and give me your vote ?.
Thanks and much excitement ...!
I leave you the "flux compression", which makes it possible to travel in time; and be my brother forever.

Words here have a human value we want to uphold.

You guys never fail to surprise.

@adsactly I really admire your work! Excellent post

Hello @adsactly, in my country it is at night, our biggest poverty will always be the mental one, while we negotiate our rights and we do not take care of the most precious treasure on our planet, we will always succumb to tragedies and attract genocidal governments. We live in a sub-realistic world, because if we really lived in reality, we would not allow a child to ask for food in the street, an old man would walk like a tramp looking at the food someone gives him, and even the animals suffer the laziness of abandonment and lack of love, then we look like zombies in an imaginary world. Now nothing affects us, nothing hurts us, our souls seem separated from the body, we must begin to love ourselves, to stop, to look at ourselves and see if we are acting well. Excellent poems, I'm staying ... I'm a free bird, and I'm left with the eternal love that I rebuild once more.

wow!!! wonderful

Wow so much to read. So much indepth knowledge. Wow.. This is amazing @adsactly Happy Sunday

really beautiful post (Adsactly)thanks

Nice poetry

woooow you are so deep and i like are right in your first poem.selfishness is actually what describe mankind this days.we humans are all aware of the catastrophe we build by ourselves to latter suffer its consequence but very few can raise their voice to create better a poet on steemit.hope you get to look at some of my works.i realise im not alone in this journey of crying out loud to the world when i meet such powerful words from great people like you.i salut your inspiration.may that continue blessed.sofie's voice

Good read and factual facts... I know for one that the world is run from a selfish prism and that can never be justified by any reason. But have we thought of an Utopia world, where everything is right but now we had to deal with elements (persons like you and me) that now let their whole weight befall their fellow human. Persons with lazy DNAs expecting but never ready to sacrifice. You see, I believe there's a reason for everything happening around us. But still, the world need a change

I read, see and enjoy amazing your innovative post can add knowledge, thank you for sharing.

Today values have been lost, humanity, solidarity, that desire to help without receiving anything in return, everything you speak in your post and all the reflections you make, are not far from reality, Today at least here in Venezuela, has lost value to life and the right to live, the primary principles of coexistence have been lost, respect for the rights of others and many other things, we live in a society increasingly twisted by guilt of the thirst for power. Thank you for sharing your way of thinking and your vision of the reality in which we live today.

Hello friend @adsactly.
This is so deep.
People nowadays are becoming way to materialistic.
It is a bitter truth but sad reality.
People don't find happiness in small things as Human wants are unlimited.
It's very sad how people are becoming heartless nowadays.
Often, i used to think about this and i feel so bad.
I ask myself "Why is it happening?"
5 to 12 years kids are raped.
How can they?
They are not Human beings,they are demons with mask of human beings.
It is so sad.

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i love the way you created a scenery in our minds with your consistent use of imaginative language. strong, catchy lines. keep it up

I think there is danger in idealizing the past. Yes, there are many problems in our modern setting that were not prevalent, if being there at all.

I often think of how often the West, especially academic circles, glamorizes Greek culture as being somehow progressive. But here's a fun (horrifying tidbit) piece of information. When it came to women, they were so ill regarded that it became common place to place a new born baby girl outside in the cold, left to die. The practice eventually led to a drastic decrease in female population. Another common practice in specifically Spartan culture was to have women dance naked on top of dinner tables, in group settings, to encourage them to remain in shape. Also, if a man decided he wanted to "mate" with a woman, she had no choice but do so, if the man was considered to be of high breeding quality. I found this in a book by Susan Wise Bauer, a professor of history at William & Mary. It's interesting when you think of how the foundation of Western thought is based around this culture. And these are but a few of the travesties.

When it comes to Native American culture, yes, in some tribes, people were cared for, but, again, it depends on which area you are talking about. Slavery was a common practice, as the trading of humans were spoils whether from war or a local dispute.

When it comes to "othering" it's very easy to find problems within our own culture, while placing another on a pedestal, after hearing a few positives hear and there about how the said culture supposedly acted. With this in mind, the "other" becomes glamorized, which is just as wrong as oppressing the "other" simply because they are different.

I think the true issue is that humanity has always been selfish. When you read social theory, this is how a society survives, by placing themselves over everyone else. When you read evolutionary theory, the same thing applies. Economic as well. It's always about the "ego". Therefore the question becomes, how does one suppress the ego?

In your post you mentioned consideration, and I agree. The world will operate as it always has. Yet we, as individual humans, can choose to impact those few around us, by selflessly placing ourselves, our ego, aside, and loving them. One must think locally. We can change the environment we inhabit, and hopefully there will be some offshoot. But this in itself becomes another problem, for if we are loving someone in order to do something we feel right, we are only doing so still based upon our own ego. Religious traditions, such as within Pure Land Buddhism (especially regarding Shinran), and Christianity, both address this issue, in that if we help the little old lady across the street, are we doing so because we love her, or because it makes us feel good since we are helping someone. This is my beef with so many people's ideas of karma. What goes around comes around is still innately selfish and self defeating. Regardless, I'm getting off track.

When we glorify the past, we forget about the present. It shouldn't be about returning to the past, or even changing the future, but about what we do in the here and now.

A good friend of mine once said, "Humanity believes they are so intelligent, when in reality all we do is fix the occasional problem we created to begin with, and then get excited about it when it could've been avoided in the first place."

¡Hola amigo @adsactly! Buen post te felicito, un fuerte abrazo.

Today I decide to continue with my dreams, I decide to take advantage of the opportunities, try not to be asleep, This community offers a good opportunity, helping others and allowing to receive help. The economic is not the most important, but it helps to not have to worry about things, that if we are missing can be a serious inconvenience.
PS: I love the illustrations in this post.

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sometime i feel like drowning into my own madness and have a satisfaction. the world only seems fair to people have money power or position. its not a world for weak person.

so beautiful poetry. I love poetry

This is a great article @adsactly, human beings have no sense of compassion to say the least when it comes to helping each other. Despite technology drifting us apart, we have completely ignored the fact that it has enabled us to see the plight of the less advantaged more clearer. We have not only refused to help where we can, but also choose what to watch, read and listen, to feel better about ourselves. I also think the issue of suffering started way before in the bible. I'm just sad that we cannot be equal.... Great poetry.

Excellent work! I just joined the Steemit community, and I am so happy to find and join such a great literary community on here. Check out my blog to see some of my own work! Keep it up @adsactly

so many deep though in your poetry. people never explain his full life but one poetry explain thousand of people minds though. wish wishes my friends. thanks a lot.

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hmmmm we all need to pause and restart our life's to make this world a better place to live in.

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